Emoji Party! Selah is 10!

HAPPY BITHDAY SELAH!!!!!!   My hope is that you will remember your 10th birthday forever!  It was your first birthday sleepover with lots of emoji fun!  

These girls left here with so much emoji fun all thanks to Oriental Trading!   Emjoi characters are a hot thing in my daughter's grade right now...well for a few months.  These girls had so much fun winning emoji prizes!   We had inflatable balls, to poppers, to rainbow poop lollipops, inflatable balls, to notebooks, and pencils!   There was emoji everything. They all had a few things in a gift bag but then we played a fun dice game where they won more and more prizes.   The dice game was simple, if they rolled a certain number there was something they had to do.   So it went as follows
1. pass to the right
2. pass to the left
3. get a piece of candy
4. eat a piece of candy
5. Steal from a friend
6. Get a prize

The girls loved this game more then I had anticipated!  WIN WIN for me! Seriously, this party was so easy to plan because I did all the shopping of emoji items in one spot, Oriental Trading!   It was super fast and easy!  

 The party started outside where the girls were playing on the playground for awhile.   Then we painted pumpkins as EMOJI of course!   Here are a couple of my favorites!  

Don't they look cute?   After being outside for some time the girls were hungry for pizza and cupcakes! I got all my emoji plates also on Oriental Trading!  SO FUN!  

I love planning my kids birthday parties.  This one was delayed but overall everyone had fun.   Even in my small house, we fit the girls in really good... even though my air mattress lost some air and some of the girls were on the floor by morning...oops.   I think I won mom of the year for this birthday party!