How to Enjoy Your Backyard during Fall

How to Enjoy Your Backyard during Fall

Even though the summer’s officially over, that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself in the house. Actually, the fall is the best season to spend some time outdoors: it’s less humid, no allergens, no bugs and the colors are amazing. So, don’t give up on your backyard just yet! However, there are some tips and tricks you can do to make your garden even more beautiful and comfortable during fall. Let’s take a look.  

Make it cozy and warm

Don’t put your outdoor furniture in the storage just yet, especially if it’s under a roof. The only thing you need to do is copy many European restaurants: take out some blankets, pillows and a heat lamp or a fire pit, and voila! Now you can stay warm and cozy while you chill outside with your friends and family. Besides keeping you warm, fire pits and heat lamps also provide some extra light, and colorful blankets make for a nice decorative touch. Also, don’t forget to make some mulled wine to keep you warm long into the night.

Fall decorating

Everything looks better with some decoration, even fall, so check out some lovely accessories that The Furniture Shack offers - they will make your patio cozy and adorable. For instance, you can install some extra lighting for those dark nights. String lights and cute lanterns are especially popular these days. Another cool way to decorate your backyard is to add a rug to your patio that will instantly bring in some warmth. Unfortunately, when the weather gets cold, you can’t really enjoy those beautiful summer flowers anymore. Decorate your backyard with different vases, planters and pots and fill them with fall flowers that are even more beautiful.

Have fun with your kids

Let your kids enjoy fresh air even when the temperatures are a bit on the lower side. Fall is a beautiful time of the year and there are so many new things to see, learn and explore. There are new textures, colors and plants for them to examine and play with. You can organize fun activities you can enjoy together. Try painting fall nature, making jack-o-lanterns, collecting pinecones and chestnuts and running around in fallen leaves.

Give it a romantic vibe

Fall can be a very romantic season, so don’t miss a chance to enjoy it with your significant one. If you decorate your deck in fall decor and colors, it will further enhance the look of your patio. Music also helps create a special mood, so get some outdoor speakers and you’ll be able to play your favorite tunes and even have a slow dance. You can also put out a few designer candles in different sizes that will transform your backyard into a romantic oasis for two. There’s nothing better than enjoying a glass of red wine in your partner’s arms while watching the moon and stars.

Keep it clean

If you want to enjoy your beautiful backyard to the fullest, make sure to maintain it regularly. Grab a ladder and clean your gutters. You should also grab your lawn mower and give it a nice trim one last time before winter. Once you’ve taken care of your lawn, you can also pay some attention to your deck. Give it a deep clean with a pressure washer and a brush and, after you’re done, seal or stain your deck for the ultimate protection. This way, when the spring comes, your patio will be ready for a new season of outdoor parties and al fresco dinners. Even though these chores are boring, they’ll pay off tenfold.
So, don’t let the cold weather ruin your outdoor fun. If you implement some of these tips and tricks, your backyard will be cozy, warm and ready to be enjoyed long into the fall.

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