How to Winter-Proof Your Home

The realization that the long, relaxed days of the Summer are slowly but surely giving way to the Winter months can come with a groan and a sense of dread for many. The hours of the day will be growing darker and colder, and with this brings a whole heap of extra problems for you, your family and your home. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the looming presence of Winter, but if you begin to prepare your home in good time, and you know which areas will need particular attention, you’ll stand yourself in good stead to remove a good deal of the unwanted stress that the season often seems to bring with it. So here are just a few simple pointers to steer you in the right direction this year.
Seal in the Heat
Chilling drafts and old winds can serve to become a nightmare for a household. However, if you take the steps to properly seal up your walls, you can ensure that you keep the heat inside, and the cold outside where it belongs. Use substances such as caulk and foam to seal any gaps in your home’s walls, which are easy to apply and, fortunately for the novice Do-It-Yourself-er, easy to fix if you make a mistake. Furthermore, you can invest in double or even triple-pane glass for your windows, which are much more efficient when it comes to preserving heat and energy. The virtues of double-glazing in helping your energy go further have long been recorded. Insulation, too, will help stop drafts and assist you in getting the most out of your heating. Insulation professionals are also available at a reasonable fee to help you assess whether or not your home needs any. Check with sites such as to see which options will best suit and benefit your place of residence.
Hi-tech, programmable thermostats are now widely available to purchase, and these can have a drastically beneficial effect to your home heating during the Winter months. Makes and models of these thermometers have been compared and contrasted already for your convenience, so you can quickly find the best one for all of your needs during the Winter. You can set them to increase the level of heat when you’re about to get home, and crank it down automatically when you leave. This will save you a great deal of money in the long-term and ensure you never have to come home to a blisteringly cold house again.
Make Preparations

Once you’re feeling the need to slip on a warm coat to head into your garden or patio, it’s probably time to fetch in your potted plants from outside (if you still want to see them in the New Year, that is). Take care also to bring in any outside furniture you may have which could be susceptible to rust. Or, if this isn’t possible, at the very least cover them over to give them some protection from the Winter chill.


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