Let the Little Children Come Giveaway

Let me just get the most important thing out first!   Make sure you go enter the giveaway to win some evangelism tools HERE! 
Many can recall Jesus's words, "Let the little children come to me."  It was powerful words that many of us need to revisit.  We have to remember that children are powerful little disciples for Jesus!  We have to encourage them and raise them up to do mighty things for Christ.  So beyond just Jesus's words, there is now an online store, Let the Little Children Come, that provide evangelism tools for kids.  They are all geared to capture their attention as well as share truths about Jesus and his love for us. 
 I was able to review the bracelets.  These bracelets come with a story that makes you see the symbolism of each color of the beads.  

"Let the Little Children Come" has many different products that will share the gospel with kids.  

I had a few girls over to make these bracelets with my daughter.   Some of the girls did guess what each color represented but a couple was new to hearing the gospel story.  I found that it did not take long to discuss each color and it was very simple to make the bracelets.  The two slip knots were the only challenge for us so be prepared to help the kids in that part.   


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