Tea of the Day: Caramelized Pear

Tasting Notes: Fruity, Round, Sweet
This delectable dessert infusion is sweet and flavorful with notes of honey, caramel, and freshly baked pear.

My Review:
I have to laugh at myself.  I guess I read caramel and pear and was caught off guard when I only tasted pear and not any caramel.  Then my husband made sure to remind me and my friend that the flavor is "caramelized pear" which does not mean caramel and pear but rather they cooked the pear as caramelized pear simply is the cooking of the pear.   After a few giggles at myself, I really think the description is right on.  It is a cooked pear type of flavor and I like it!  I mean I had to get over the disappointment of no caramel but once I understood better I was very satisfied with this tea.  


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