6 Lovely Nursery Decorating Ideas

No matter how much attention you pay to décor of other rooms in the house, nursery will probably be the most important one for you. Every parent wants what’s best for their child, which means they will invest a lot of time, effort, and money into decorating the room their baby is going to sleep in. if you’re looking for the best and the most creative nursery decorating ideas, we offer a few:

1 – Focus on wood

Natural wood is becoming dominant in nursery décor, and it’s used for everything from furniture to wall art. It looks antique but also modern, and it gives away the impression that it’s built to last. You can try getting a wood panel wall, or simple wood-paneled pieces for the wall that can have loving sayings on or your child’s name.

2 – Eye-catching cribs

Cribs are definitely seen as centerpieces of the nursery, and for good reason: this is where your child will spend a great deal of their time, sleeping peacefully and growing rapidly. It’s no wonder why some designers see the crib as a decorating item too, and offer cribs that have colored acrylic panels, cribs with asymmetrical shapes, and cribs with rose gold legs. There are also convenient cribs which turn into tables or shelves, and one of the most recent Ford’s inventions – a crib that helps your baby fall asleep faster by simulating a soothing ride in the car.

3 – Sky is the limit

It seems like the sky is the next growing trend when it comes to nursery décor: sun, moon, stars, and clouds can be seen everywhere: on wallpapers, lamps, carpets, as well as on curtains. You can choose to have a shape or a symbol that’s dominant in your child’s nursery, and just as people were going crazy over hearts in the past couple of years, so it's all about the sky this time. This is great because this décor isn’t overly baby, but it’s still appropriate for nursery.

4 – Make it dark

When babies are first born, they don’t particularly care for sunlight. They can get cranky and usually need complete darkness or dimmed light in order to fall asleep. This is why you should buy high-quality blinds or curtains for your nursery, and ensure that your baby has the best conditions. Try to find the best curtain store for blackout curtains and combine blackout with sheer curtains. Use sheer curtains to make the room well-lit when you’re playing and bonding with your child, and blackout curtains to keep the room dark when your baby is sleeping.  

5 – Gender-neutral

More and more parents choose to keep their nurseries gender-neutral and use soft colors such as yellow, green, orange, and beige. Not only does a shade of pale yellow on walls seems soft and inviting, but combined with soft furnishings and cozy carpets looks clean and soothing. When buying toys, try to steer clear of gender stereotypes and getting sparkly pink dolls for girls and blue cars for boys. Get a nice box and keep all the toys in the box when you and your baby aren’t using them. This way, the room will also be clutter-free.

6 – Bright colors

Babies, toddlers, and small children all love bright colors everywhere: on their clothes, on the walls, and colorful toys too. You can use this innate love of theirs to decorate the nursery so that their senses are stimulated. Boldly-colored wallpaper with interesting print will grab everyone’s attention, especially child’s (when they grow up a bit, certainly). You can also try getting them a carpet with different fruit and vegetables, or blocks of color too. Patterns are also a great choice, even if the baby is very small. Still, if you’re thinking about patterns, you can also try limiting it to only one feature wall and add toning colors elsewhere. This way, you will have a well-rounded room that looks color-coordinated and inviting.
It doesn’t matter if you decide to decorate your nursery green, yellow, pink or blue, what matters is the love and care you give to your child. Remember that the most important thing for your baby is to be safe, happy, and healthy, and not that it has a million toys around it.