Before and After

8 Weeks and 10 pounds gone and 5 inches lost!  I feel great!   This was food-focused and a gut health learning curve!  I made sure to move my body each week but I really monitored every calorie I consumed!  I used Plexus-Triplex to really focus on stabilizing my blood sugar and getting my gut healthy.  The Plexus Triplex is a slim drink, bio cleanse, and Probiotic.  The products along with my diet changes really helped me in the process.  I know it was determination and prayer that helped me!  Plexus products helped me curb cravings, and got me regular, and sleeping better.  I would love to share more about Plexus if you ask! 

I love doing these challenges and I would love to help you on your journey!  Feel free to message me!  Keep me accountable I still have about 8 more pounds I want to lose! 

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