Four Tips for Helping Your Toddler Sleep Through the Night

Ask any parent and they’ll probably tell you that getting their toddler to sleep through the night is a problem that most moms and dads will face at some point. If you’re facing a battle every single night when it comes to getting your toddler to settle down and sleep all the way through until the morning, then you are certainly not on your own with this issue. Thankfully, there are several things that you can try to help encourage your toddler to sleep through the night and improve their quality of sleep. Here are some top tips.

Tip #1. Get into a Routine

Just like adults, toddlers will have a biological clock that determines when they start to feel sleepy at night and when they will wake up in the morning. Helping your toddler to sleep in line with their own circadian rhythms can make it easier for them to sleep through the night. Getting into a routine when your toddler has the same bedtime each night and the same wake-up time in the morning, regardless of whether it’s a weeknight or weekend, can encourage a regular sleeping pattern and make it easier for them to sleep through. If your little one has naps during the day, setting regular planned nap times can also help.

Tip #2. Positive Bedtime Experience

If you struggle to get your toddler to go to bed at night and settle down, then helping them to have a more positive bedtime experience can help. For many toddlers, going to bed when they’re still full of energy and want to play is just one of the main things that can keep them awake until the early hours. Encourage them to start winding down an hour or two before bedtime with a bubble bath, reading a bedtime story, and having some playtime with their favorite toys to ensure that bedtime is something that they will look forward to every night.

Tip #3. Comfort

Have you considered that the reason your toddler is struggling to sleep through the night is that they may not be that comfortable in their bed or cot? Make sure that your toddler has a supportive mattress and the right pillow for their sleeping style. For example, if they tend to sleep on their back then a specially designed pillow will help support their neck better and ensure that they are comfortable at night. For toddlers who sleep on their side, a lower pillow is better. You can find out more at Indreviews.

Tip #4. Exercise and Burning off Steam

If your toddler is full of beans when you put them to bed, then chances are they are going to have a hard time winding down. Little ones are often full of energy, so it’s important to make sure that they get ample chance to burn off all that extra energy during the day, for example by playing outside or a trip to the park. Do this at least three hours before bedtime to give them time to wind down.
Would you like to add tips of your own to this list? Share them with us in the comments below!


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