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How to Soothe a Crying Baby

Extended periods of crying are an inevitable part of having a baby, and while we as parents seem somehow immune to our own children’s crying most of the time, it is often the stress of not being able to quiet them when we need to that worries parents.
There is a plethora of different pieces of advice available to new parents, each one offering a different idea as to the best course of action. The truth is that, as you would expect, every individual baby is different and every time they cry there is a different, often unidentifiable, cause.
Below are the most common solutions that parents find works to soothe their babies. Your mileage may vary and as your child grows you will get to know exactly what it is that triggers their crying and how to address it.


The pacifier is the first thing you should reach for when the young one starts bawling and you can’t work out why. The key is finding the right pacifier for your baby; because babies aren’t capable of verbal communication they can’t tell you why they like their favorite pacifier, you’re going to have to work it out through trial and error.
There is a myriad of options out there when it comes to choosing a pacifier and there are even different types to consider. This handy guide from Mom Crib is an excellent starting point.


Rocking your baby to sleep is another common method, and no it doesn’t mean playing your child a bit of Zeppelin to send them to sleep! A simple gentle rocking motion while sat in a chair, or using the stroller or glider, will very quickly have your baby, and maybe even you, feeling like dropping off.

Sing A Song

Babies respond emotionally to the sound of their mother singing to them, and the use of song to soothe children is another method that has existed seemingly since the dawn of man (or at least singing). What you sing to the child doesn’t matter too much but obviously you want something as soothing as possible and not something which is loud or jarring. Singing the same songs regularly will get your child used to them and they will begin to associate them with sleep, making them more effective each time.

Go for A Walk

Taking your baby for a walk outside often has a very soothing effect, if you carry your child rather than putting them in a stroller then the natural rhythm of your movements will have an effect similar to rocking and will gently put them to sleep. Of course, the added bonus here is that you get some exercise and junior gets some fresh air.

Remain Calm

Babies regularly pick up on unconscious clues in their parents’ behavior and these can affect their own moods. It is important that when your child is crying you don’t become visibly frustrated or upset as this will only make things worse.

As time goes on and the bond between you and your baby continues to grow you will find that eventually you are able to read the clues in their body language and you will find it easier to soothe them when they cry. Try the above suggestions and if they don’t work then check out this helpful guide for more ideas.


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