Live SoulFULL Review and Giveaway

Product Description:


Live SoulFULL is a music-driven, gospel-centered, interactive Bible study that’s all about how God fulfills your deepest needs. It’s a fun, yet challenging way to help you build a strong, confident faith in knowing God as the Giver and Filler of life.

Each song and corresponding chapter work together to walk you through the Bible’s answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

Recorded by award-winning Nashville musicians, the music ranges from up-tempo, roll-the-
window-down grooves to passionate, heart-stirring ballads. As you listen, read, and learn, you will discover the fulfillment and joy that Jesus offers in the midst of everyday life.

Live SoulFULL Includes:

  • 11 Chapter study book
  • 13-song CD
  • Download code for digital copy of album

My Review
As a pastor's wife, it is always nice to find good quality book study material but the to find music to go along with it is usually nonexistent... NOT anymore!   The "Live SoulFULL" packaged is a great one to add you your bible study!   The book asks some deep questions for you to ponder and truly seek God so having the music really sets the tone to soak in Daddy God's peace.  I have really only been able to use chapter one with my ladies study but they all seemed to like the deeper level of intimate questions.  

The book has several activities for the reader to do to help them in their faith walk which include:
-Take a Selfie- challenges you with soul-stirring questions
-Reach Up- helps you connect with God through focused prayer
- Reach Out- equips you to talk with family and friends and gives you a fun way to share your faith by sharing the songs
- Sound Waves- draws your attention to specific lyrics to help you internalize the truth of God's word found in the songs

I will admit that I really wasn't up for the selfie challenge yet but loved the idea! The prayers were a huge help to many of the ladies as they expressed it really helped them stay focused on connecting to the father with their prayer.  
I found this married duo a great powerhouse for God.  Scott the author truly wants to see peoples lives transformed through Jesus.  His wife, Ginger, has a gift for not just singing but writing songs to help people stay in tune with the spirit of God.  

 I know my bible study ladies are ready to move on to the next chapter!  Don't delay and get your Bible study tools today!