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The Only Guide A Mom Needs To Cut The Cost Of Childcare

Are you a mother or a mom to be? Congratulations because there is no better feeling in the world. Well, apart from the sleepless nights and the constant sense of panic!

Raising a child is costly and most people don’t have the funds. But, because you are a fantastic mother, you find a way. All parents do as the kids have to come first. Still, scrimping and saving and not knowing if you can afford the next meal is terrible. It’s much better to keep the expenses low and stay in the black.

Of course, lowering the cost of childcare is by no means easy as children need everything from diapers to minders. Then, there is food and clothes to consider too. Thankfully, it is possible for mothers to reduce the perpetual expenses and leave the bank balance looking a little healthier.

Here are the tricks of the trade all parents need to know when their bundle of joy arrives.

Apply For Entitlements

According to, the average cost of raising a child is somewhere in the region of $85,000. Sadly, that isn’t hard to believe when you are a parent because kids destroy money like they do milk! Because the cost is high, it’s essential for moms and dads to receive help from the state. Don’t see it as a bad thing or a handout because every parent is entitled to the money. For example, the child benefit scheme doesn’t discriminate based on a person’s earnings. So, from the day they are born until their eighteenth birthday, the money is yours to keep. Also, there may be tax credits which are applicable because you are a parent. Of course, any mother who is raising their son or daughter alone should ensure the father pays alimony.

Buy Reusable Diapers

“No way! I am not washing diapers!” That is how most moms react when they see this tip. The idea of putting a dirty diaper in the laundry basket with the rest of your wardrobe is disgusting. However, there are two things to keep in mind. Firstly, an average child can use up to 3000 disposable nappies per year. Based on and its math, that equates to $550 every twelve months. To some mothers, $500 is a bargain not to have to deal with their son or daughter’s poop. But, it is a considerable saving, especially over a 3 or 4 year period. Secondly, cleaning them is straightforward with this guide. Just follow the instructions and the diapers will be as good as new. Seriously, you won’t even notice the smell!

Ask For Practical Presents

New moms throw a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of their child. It’s also an excellent excuse to get together with the girls, have a drink and share gifts. Usually, the presents are practical things which are otherwise expensive, such as a breast milk pump. As handy as a pump is, it may only save you a small amount of money. After all, some mothers don’t breastfeed and prefer to use bottles. As a rule, ask for presents that you know will save you cash. For example, clothes such as baby grows are all small children wear for the first six months of their lives. Don’t worry if a shower isn’t in the cards because existing moms can take advantage of birthdays and Christmas.

Exploit Black Friday

Unfortunately, a mother can’t rely on other people to clothe her child. At some point, a mother has to get her purse out and splash the cash. However, there is no reason to pay over the odds with Black Friday on the horizon. This year, November 24th is the date all moms should have in the diary. From Walmart to Mamas and Papas, the bargains are huge and can save a family a fortune. In fact, you don’t have to wait until the Friday because the sales often begin earlier. Http:// this year kicked off its sale on the 17th, a full week before the event. Once Black Friday is over, wait until after Christmas and the New Year because that is when the sales start over. Plus, Christmastime is one of the most expense seasons as the demand for products is sky high.

Bulk Buy And Freeze

As babies turn into toddlers, their appetites don’t diminish. If anything, a child’s hunger gets stronger as they make the transition from milk to solid food. So, the grocery bill is about to go through the roof! Not to burst your bubble, but it is the truth. Cutting the food bill in half, then, is a seriously good way to ensure the finances don’t turn red. With that in mind, consider visiting wholesalers and buying ingredients in bulk. As long as you use it, the money won’t get wasted as bulk buying lowers the individual price. Think of it as a cost-cutting deal without a supermarket promotion. To save even more dough, cook the meals and separate them into batches. Put the excess food in the freezer and take it out as and when it’s necessary. That way, there is no need to buy extra food and you can waste less electricity.

Means Test Pocket Money

Kids have expenses, even though they rely on their parents for everything! Therefore, it’s not uncommon for your son or daughter to want pocket money. And, moms and dads want to hand it over so they can go out and buy something they like. Plus, it teaches them the value of saving. However, the concept is dead money because you don’t get a return on investment. Okay, the smile on their face is wonderful yet the taxman won’t accept it as payment. Means testing pocket money is the perfect solution because it kills two birds with one stone. The kids want to buy a new video game? No problem, as long as they clean the car first. Then, you won’t have to pay for a valet service as long as they do a good job!

Childcare is expensive but it doesn’t have to be extortionate with these tips.


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