Oriental trading Christmas time

Merry Christmas

Our church, Riverside Foursquare Church, opened their doors last weekend for the Christmas walk.  We had free cookie decorating, crafts, and a bake sale.  

Thanks to Oriental Trading for helping us have the right supplies for 100's of kids to walk through and make a craft.  We made the "God Made you Unique" ornaments as well as the ornaments with sparkly stickers.  The kids loved making them and I liked that they were easy and mess free!   YAY for no mess because you all know that the cookie decorating was a big enough mess.  

Not only did we have the church open but we had our nonprofit tea shop, Royal Tea opened.  Again we are so thankful for Oriental Trading.  We were able to decorate using the beautiful "Noel" and "Joy" light up signs.   Next, to the Christmas tree in the shop, it was very festive. I really love these sings!  I like how they look when the lights are low!  Oh, Christmas time you make my heart happy!