8 Interesting Animals to Teach Your Kids About

Teaching your kids about animals is a great way to help them grow their knowledge of how nature works and what’s out there. It’s also a great way to spark their curiosity and let them develop their own ideas. Many kids who develop an interest in animals at an early stage tend to follow their passion and build a career in animal welfare in the future, which is great as those jobs are always in demand.

That said, teaching your kids about good old cows, cats, dogs and pigs is rather pointless as these animals, while common, are fairly basic and easy to understand. They’re not interesting so to speak. There is a wide variety of other animals that are much more fun to learn about and your kids would love to hear about them, so here are eight.
Japanese Spider Crab

This one isn’t for the easily grossed-out. These gigantic crustaceans can grow to be up to 12 feet long, making them not only an imposing creature, but also difficult for the fishermen of Japan to catch.
Angora Rabbit

It’s like a normal rabbit, except a million times fluffier. They shed their coats rather often and their wool makes for great luxury clothing. Don’t worry, they’re too cute to be harmed by anyone. 

Perhaps one of the most famous strange creatures out there, this adorable little salamander has a set of six furry feelers and a wide smile. When that smile opens, it eats fish, insects and small worms. Unfortunately, they’re only found in and around Mexico where urbanization and an increasing number of predators has made them rather rare.
Goblin Shark

Jaws may be big, but he’s boring. The Goblin Shark is the last representative of a species that lived over a hundred million years ago. It can’t swim as fast as other sharks, so it ambushes its prey, which is usually other smaller fish.
conut Crab

This monstrosity can grow to be bigger than a human child and has giant pincers which it uses, as the name would suggest, to crack open coconuts. Not only does it grow large, but it grows old, too. Up to 60 years old to be exact.

While most kids know sloths to be relaxed creatures who prefer to take life at a leisurely pace, there’s a lot more to this creature than meets the eye. For example, its slow speed means it attracts bacteria like a magnet, making it super smelly. Check out Midday Daily’s article for more interesting information on the sloth.

This slimy critter is so lazy that it prefers to float around the ocean and let food fall into its mouth as opposed to expending any of its own energy. This is made possible thanks to its low density, which is similar to that of the water it lives in.

Found in Northern countries such as Greenland, Canada and Russia, this strange whale has a super long point, similar to that of a swordfish. However, its chunky build gives it a rather comical appearance. 

There are many other wild and wonderful creatures out there just waiting to be discovered, and these are just a few of them.