How to Create a Nursery on a Budget

Designing the perfect nursery for your new arrival doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a bit of creativity and a little know-how, you can create a nursery on a budget that looks as chic as it is cheap. If you’re currently pregnant and ready to get started on your nursery, read on for some simple tips. Then, let us know how much money you managed to save in the comments.
Look at Convertible Cribs

Your new baby will need to have their own place to sleep, however, there’s no need to buy a regular crib unless you are planning on having more children. Instead, look into buying a convertible crib. These grow with your child as they get older, so can be used for a baby and then converted into a toddler-sized bed. Some manufacturers advertise their cribs as convertible and will ship their furniture with all the accessories, whereas others will ask you to pay more for the additional features. Either of these options is good.
Don’t Worry About Baby Bedding

Baby bedding may look adorable, but aside from being expensive, it’s not safe for your child. In fact, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, all your baby needs is a mattress that fits the crib, a waterproof mattress cover, and a few changes of sheets. If you’re worried about your baby becoming too cold, you can invest in a swaddle to keep them wrapped up. Baby bedding carries a risk of suffocation, so avoid wasting your money on it.
Be Resourceful

Before you head out to the big baby department store in your town, think about the kind of items you already have and those you will definitely need. You could also look into buying items from places like K-Mart and Target rather than baby-specific stores as these are usually cheaper and just as good. Furthermore, you can find coupons through places like to make your money go further. Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for some hand-me-downs too, as most will likely be more than willing.
Be Crafty

Finally, although accessories can make a nursery special, if you can’t afford them there are other ways to create a beautiful space. First, think about the paint you will be using. You could paint the walls all in one nice color, or you could use stencils and paint unique designs on the walls. Decals can also be picked up for relatively little money and these can help to really transform a space. You can also make your own accessories. Anyone can make a mobile or a nursing cushion with a little bit of know-how and you’ll spend a lot less on the materials than you would buying one ready-made from a baby supply store.

Having a baby can be a very expensive time in your life. However, it is more than possible to create a nursery on a budget. Keep the above tips in mind and you won’t spend a fortune.


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