How to Introduce Children to the Wonders of Photography

Childhood is the perfect time for kids to be introduced to hobbies of all kinds. It gives them a greater understanding of their own likes and dislikes, it helps them to build interest and passion in certain areas, and it helps them to build all kinds of wonderful skills. When it comes to what hobbies you should be introducing them to, photography is one that sits near the top of the list. Not only is there skill involved, which they can learn to perfect, but it also helps them to slow down, appreciate their surroundings, and look for the beauty and interest in life.

If you’ve been wanting to introduce your child to photography but you’re not sure how to go about it, here are some tips to help you out.
Start with the Right Equipment

Most hobbies require some sort of specialized equipment or tools and photography is no different. While you don’t have to go out and purchase a top-of-the-line camera for your child, you may want to invest in a good-quality camera that can act as the “family camera”.

Excellent examples include cameras from Fuji and Sony, both of which are well-known brands. Now, keep in mind if you want to be able to purchase Sigma Fuji X mount lenses, Sigma doesn't offer DN or DC lenses in an x-mount at this time, but you can still find other lenses for the camera.

If you happen to have a young child you are introducing to photography, you may want to start with a really basic point-and-shoot style of camera and work up from there. They can decide if photography is for them before you spend too much money on equipment.
Explain How to Fill the Frame

Rather than just handing a camera over to them and sending them on their way, it's a good idea to teach them a few simple tips. In photography, the general rule is to fill the frame and think in thirds. What this means is that they should focus on filling the whole frame, but it can contain a couple of different items, subjects, or elements. All of these elements should relate to the main subject.

To help make sense of this lesson, show them a few examples of what you mean, and then set up some mock photo shoots in your own home.
Encourage them to Practice

We all know that practice makes perfect, and photography is no different. Encourage your kids to be creative and look for fun, cool, and interesting things to take pictures of. They can practice in the home, while out for a walk, at the park, while visiting relatives, and even on a road trip.
Print and Use Their Photographs

There is nothing that gives kids more satisfaction than to know they’ve created something you want to show off. Go ahead and make some prints of their photos, frame those really special ones, and start to make a photo album of all their hard work.

Introducing your child to the wonders of photography is something they will be able to carry with them the rest of their life.


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