Your Child's First Car How to Make the Most of It

Children grow up so fast that it almost isn’t fair. One blink and they go from being a baby that relies on you for everything to an almost-adult that is begging for their own car. As every parent knows, however, you can’t stop time, but you can be there for every moment. That is why, instead of putting your foot down on buying your child a car, you should instead work with them so that they can buy themselves a car. Follow these steps, and soon your child will not only know more about how the world works, but they’ll be more responsible and independent: 

Choose a Car Together 

They will likely have their own idea as to what kind of vehicle they want. If it’s flashy, or otherwise a car that doesn’t have the safety requirements that they need to stay safe, then you need to put your foot down. That is why you should choose a car together, so that they can do more than pick a cool car they’ve seen on the road or in the movies, and you can be assured that they are in a modern, safe car. 

Tip: It is important to note that while buying a used car is best, you need to be careful with how old the vehicle is. Even a car that was ranked with the highest safety qualifications ten years ago isn’t good enough, because by modern day safety standards, they won’t hold up. 

Have Them Save Up for It 

Every teenager should own a used car, but buying a used car that is so old that its safety features are defunct, or it doesn’t run well, isn’t a good investment. That is why you should always go to a used car dealership, where you have the assurance that the vehicle works and is up to standard. Go in advance, find out the price, and have them save up for the down payment. This means they will have to get a job, another step towards the self-sufficient adult they need to be. Once they have the down payment, get a pre-approved loan from Apply and Buy and start the negotiating process. 

Building Up Their Credit Score Early 

Though, of course, you will always be there in case your child cannot make the repayments, it is crucial that they do. That is because making repayments on a car purchase can really make or break their credit score. Having a great credit score before they leave college can help them get a better apartment, a great credit card account, and so much more. In the long run, it is what will make the difference between your child being approved their mortgage or not. 

Owning their very own car will make them more responsible and safe. They know the value and the hard work that went into purchasing that car, and they have the continued responsibility to pay for that car. Between this responsibility and the independence, they will feel from being able to go where they want, you’ll have raised a responsible, capable adult by the time they head off to college.