Tips for Childproofing Your Tampa Bay Home

Over the years, the Suncoast of Florida has grown in popularity and is quickly making its mark in the world of real estate. In fact, while Miami-Dade was once the most sought-after property in Florida, the Tampa Bay area is now considered to be prime real estate, with many families contacting companies like Casa Fina Realty to find property there. If you have recently purchased a home in the Tampa Bay area, you may want to consider these childproofing tips:
Childproofing Your Pool

With warm to hot temperatures throughout the year, many Tampa Bay homes have in-ground swimming pools. Kids just naturally gravitate towards the water, except at bath time that is, and so you must ensure that your pool is enclosed in such a way that your children cannot get into the pool area. If you have purchased a home with a pool already on site, it has probably met with local zoning ordinances. However, if you are going to add a pool, make sure it is built within the code and in such a way as to prevent accidental drowning.
Contract Certified Pest Control

You may be wondering just how pest control fits into childproofing a home. Consider, for a moment, just how warm and humid Central Florida can be. There are several types of poisonous insects your children may find fascinating. Unfortunately, these pests can be lethal if your child happens to be allergic. Some have quite a sting and among those common to the area are bees, wasps, scorpions, the brown recluse and even black widow spiders. A monthly pest control service can keep those dangers to a minimum.
The Need for Absorbent Mats

Whether or not you have a pool, you will need absorbent mats inside each entryway. If kids come running indirectly from the pool, they can easily fall on wet, slippery floors. Likewise, Florida is known for its torrential summer rains and many families have run in quickly to get out of the deluge. While most adults have the common sense not to run on wet tile or terrazzo floors, children don’t yet have the life experience to understand the dangers. Choose only the most absorbent doormats you can find.
Keep All Electrical Gadgets Away from Pools and Jacuzzis

Some families love to listen to music while relaxing by the pool or in the jacuzzi, but if you are going to do that, you may wish to consider an installed outdoor sound system in your pool area. Don’t make the mistake of plugging anything electric near standing water because of the risk of electrocution. All it takes is a moment’s distraction and your child can throw a plugged-in boombox or laptop into the pool when someone is in the water.

There are many other child safety tips for homes no matter where they are located, but if you are buying a home near any body of water, tips like these are literal lifesavers. Remember, a few precautionary measures can be the difference between life and death. It is better to be safe than sorry.