4 Reasons Why The Mayans Were Awesome

The Mayan Civilization has impressed enthusiasts repeatedly. Explorers from around the world have felt the curiosity of learning more about this ancient culture that lived in the wild forests of Central America. You will be astonished to learn that Mayan have made some of the most impressive discoveries and inventions that showed their progress at that time. When explorers see the various artifacts, equipment, and structures, they cannot believe how modern they had been at using tools for living a comfortable life during their era. Despite it all, there is so much more to learn about them. In this post, you will find some of the reasons why the Mayans were awesome.

The invention of the first coordinated ball game

Sports games like basketball and football do come into the minds of people. However, how many of them think of the origin of such games. The Mayans first started the trend of organized sports using a ball. However, unlike the modern games, the ball games during their era were designed as deadly games. In fact, the players participated in these games as if their lives depended on it. They were not even afraid to die during such games. Also, the players wore proper uniforms with safety fear following the traditional rituals in such games. 

The invention of hot chocolate

Nowadays, you can find hot chocolate available in your homes at will. However, during the Mayan civilization, hot chocolate was a delicacy that they considered as a gift from the Gods. Thus, hot chocolate, which did not contain sugar or milk, was served during religious ceremonies. It was the Spaniards, who entered Central America in later years and found this drink. They also added milk and sugar to make it taste sweet. 

Use of glitter for structures

A 2008 study showed that mica was one of the elements found on walls of the temples in Honduras, a Mayan zone. It was later concluded that the people of that time loved to paint their temples using mica to make them shine in daylight, thus giving the buildings a magical glow in the light. You can also View Story about how the Mayans disappeared from the earth in an instant. 

Focus on astronomy

The Mayan civilization showed a keen interest in astronomical discoveries and studies. In fact, several of the beautiful structures, like the Kukulcan temple, was constructed for the sole purpose of depicting astronomical events. One such case is where a shadow, known as the slithering serpent, forms during an equinox. This shadow slithers like a snake along the temple’s staircase as the sun moves with time. This beautiful effect showed that the Mayans knew about the movement of the sun, and possibly other stars as well.

Historical artifacts and structures show that the Mayan civilization was one of the most advanced cultures that people have ever seen. Their ways of living and upbringing indeed showed their potential at that time. It is shocking and sad that such a culture had to vanish from the face of the earth.