How to Help Your Child Become Less Fussy with Food

If you feel your children are sticking to the same foods and want them to try something different, there are many ways you can help make new foods feel more exciting and interesting to them. Here are just some tips on how you can introduce new foods to your children.
Give Your Child Choice

Instead of letting your child stick to one type of food, bring in a range of different food types. If your child has a variety of foods to pick from, they are more likely to try something different and learn to like new foods. If your child is at the stage of avoiding vegetables, trying to force them to eat a salad will do you no favors at all. However, opting for a small salad with other options such as meat, cheese, or fruits can add a bit of variety to a meal and make your child more inclined to eat their vegetables.
Don’t Be Controlling

If you are trying to control and force your children to eat certain foods, they will be more reluctant in branching out and trying new foods. Making food seem like a chore rather than something enjoyable will more than likely result in your child sticking to their picky eating habits. It is best to introduce new foods gradually, so your child does not feel intimidated or overwhelmed. 
Cook with Your Child

Showing your child how food is made can be great for helping them feel more relaxed and open to trying new food. Allowing your child to assist you in preparing and cooking meals can not only be a great bonding experience but will help your child understand and appreciate all the diverse types of foods available. Websites like are full of tasty and exciting recipes that you can try out with your children.
Maintain Your Own Eating Behavior

Your child only has you to look up to and follow, so it is important that you look at your own eating behavior and how it may be a cause of why your child is being selective with food. What you eat and the way you speak about food will influence how your child feels about food. Try and avoid snacking on unhealthy foods around your children. You want to be the best role model possible, so projecting a healthy diet to your child will help them feel more engaged with trying something new.
Make Food Fun

There are so many ways that you can help make food fun and entertaining to children. Maintaining a positive opinion on food to your child will make them more interested in the variety of foods available. Making food seem mysterious and exciting can be a wonderful way for your child to stay engaged and interested in trying new foods.

If you take on board all the steps listed, your child will be more likely to try out new foods and be more inclined to try something different. There are so many ways that you can make foods seem enjoyable and exciting rather than dull and bland.


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