Kindness Matters

Sometimes I think people have forgotten how to treat each other. It’s like one big bad cycle of abuse and bullying that never ends. I often contemplate how we can help stop this cycle. How can we turn the psychological damage done from domestic abuse cycle so it does become a repeated routine. Hurting people hurt people... we know it and see that truth. I also know what one kind and loving encounter can do. Friends we have to love better, help better, do better. Church you are needed more than you realize... time to step it up!!! I think of the many different people Jesus healed in the Bible. I even think about Zacheus who everyone hated. No one wanted to be his friend because his deeds and actions. But one conversation and one act of kindness and love changed him and his actions. He then repayed all his wrongs. What if we could each reach out and show kindness to one person today?? What if we helped stopped a vicious cycle!? What if God wanted to use you to show love and kindness to help a person heal and learn to trust. God use me, use more of your creation to help and love. I want to see more people experience your love and kindness. Lord I want the bad cycles to end and new ones of love and grace to replace them.