Color Street Nail Review

Happy Independence Day...well almost!   Have you heard of Color Street Nails??   I hadn't either but I am so happy to share with you my thoughts.  

A couple years ago I did the Jamberry nails and to be honest they took me forever and with the heat needed it made it an unbearable process in my opinions.   

This is NOT the same as Color Street Nails!   The application is super easy and doesn't require any heat!   WINNING!!! 

I purchased the fun festive one for 4th of July and I believe it was $13.  With that, I was able to do mine and my daughter's nails and toes!!!!  YES, ALL OF IT for only $13!

I have had my nails on for a couple days now and have gardened (not wearing gloves and picking weeds so I was dirty) and worked hard and no chipping!  

I am excited to look for other choices and make another order!   Go order here:   COLOR STREET   


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