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How To Look Good And Feel Better

Everyone knows the importance of looking and feeling good, and it has benefits far beyond simple appearances. While physically looking healthy might boost your self-esteem, it comes down to more than that. When you take care of your mind, body, and spirit, you will feel more content and happier and therefore approach life with greater positivity. It can affect all areas of your life, so if you are feeling stuck in a rut in terms of your career or you are still looking for the love of your life but having no luck then do not despair. Instead, divert your attention to looking after your body and mind, and notice the positive changes that ripple throughout your life. Spending time on the things you enjoy, regularly exercising, eating healthily, and taking care of your body will pay off with greater fitness and an improved quality of life, so don’t delay, follow these top tips on how to look good and feel better. 


Focus on mental wellbeing

Often people discuss physical fitness but forget to focus on mental wellbeing and health. It is just as important. With a rise in depression, anxiety and mental health issues across America, now more than ever people need to look after their mental health. There should be no stigma to suffering from mental illness, and anyone suffering should seek professional help through therapy or counseling or even just discussing your feelings with friends and family. Trying to cope alone can often make things worse or compound feelings of isolation, so it is good to remember that you are not alone and there are people ready and willing to listen who want to help you through whatever you are facing. 


Calming activities for mental wellbeing

To improve your mental wellbeing, spend time doing the things that make you feel good. Whether that’s taking a walk in nature, going for a swim or playing with your kids, carving out regular quality time on the things you love will improve your mental and physical wellbeing. If you would like a slightly more structured way to improve your mental health, then try keeping a gratitude journal, where you enter at least three things that you are thankful for each day. Research indicates that keeping a gratitude journal can improve your sleep, lower your stress and anxiety levels and increase your happiness. It is, however, important to write in detail about the elements you are thankful for and not simply skim over them in a general way, as this focuses your mind on positive elements. You could also try thinking about life without some of the elements that you take for granted, such as your spouse, even when they irritate you, or your car, even if it repeatedly breaks down. Doing so can also have a positive effect by helping you to appreciate and count your blessings. 


Finding your inner artist and letting them loose on coloringin book can be a surprising help to boosting your mental wellbeing. It can bring a sense of balance and focus that is essential as an antidote to a stressful and busy day. There isnumerous adult coloring books available that can help you to release your artistic side and improve your mental health at the same time. 


Boost your spiritual health

Spiritual health and wellbeing can be deeply personal, a search for harmony and peace with your surroundings and your inner beliefs. Although this is a journey that you must make for yourself, there are techniques, such as meditation or yoga, that can help to bring about greater calm in your life and a sense of spiritual peace. 


Find your inner calm

Incorporating a daily or regular dose of yoga, for example, can help to give you greater calm and grounding, and lower stress and anxiety. Yoga is an ancient Indian series of postures all with corresponding breathing patterns. Not only do these physically stretch the body and muscles, helping you to tone up and keep your heart healthy, but they also encourage a spiritual connection through the breathing exercises that connect your physical body and your mind. Do not be put off by thinking yoga is only for flexible people in lycra, as you can begin yoga at any age and with any physical ability. There are multiple different strands, for example, Ashtanga is more physical and focuses on building strength, whereas yoga Nidra is a deep meditative practice. Meditation is another brilliant way to reduce stress and boost your inner calm. Again, do not be put off from trying meditation by assuming it is only for those who can sit in a cross-legged lotus position for hours on end while chanting. In fact, meditation can be used however it works best for you. For example, you could begin by sitting still in a comfortable way for you for just two minutes twice a week. During this time, simply notice the thoughts that come and go while trying to refrain from judgmentFocusing on deepening your breathing and slow inhales and exhales will help to stop your mind from wondering or give you somewhere to direct it each time it strays. If you try and do this first thing in the morning, then you will start your day off having already achieved something, and the more practice you have, the easier it will be to enter a calm, meditative state, and the longer you will be able to sustain it forMeditation can help to increase feelings of self-love and acceptance, so finding a way to incorporate regular practice into your life can truly help to boost your spiritual health. 


Improve your physical health

Looking after your physical health is very important too. It is no good focusing on mental and spiritual health only, as,without physical health, life becomes more difficult, and you are more limited in how you can enjoy it. Eating a balanceddiet, not drinking to excess, exercising regularly and ensuring that you get the right vitamins and minerals are all ways in which you can improve your physical health and wellbeing. 


Take regular exercise

Taking regular exercise, at least 30 minutes per day that raises your heart rate, will help to improve your health. Begin by warming up your body for 5-10 minutes so that you do not overstretch or damage your muscles, and always follow exercise with a cool-down of 5-10 minutes too. Approximately 60% of Americans are not getting enough regular daily exercise, as illustrated by the rise in obesity and associated health-risks such as diabetes. There are numerous other benefits to regular exercise, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, improving the quality of sleep, boosting energy levels, and can reduce the risk of having a stroke, and help to manage stress, among other benefits. If the gym is not for you then why not try swimming, jogging or even just a fast-paced walk that raises your heart rate. Exercising can also be a great way tosocialize, for exampleby joining a dance class or taking up a new hobby such as rock climbing, or going for a day-long hike with friends. 



Do not be afraid of taking supplements to help boost your health, though do your research before choosing any and if necessary consult with a physician. Ensure that you are getting the recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals by taking supplements, especially if you are feeling like your diet is lacking something. For example, if you regularly feel anxious and tired, and suffer from muscle cramps, then you may be deficient in magnesium. Magnesium was once common in the soil, but due to extensive farming, it is now much harder for people to get the necessary levels of magnesium through their diet alone. Also if you follow a specialized diet, for example, you are vegan, then you may need to take additional supplements. There are also supplements available that can help you to lose weight and get fit, for example, US Diet Alert provides information on the weight-loss supplement Garcinia Cambogia, a small fruit found in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Africa, Malaysia and India that is a natural fat burner. Natural weight-loss supplements made from the fruit have grown in popularity across the world in recent years. 


You are what you eat

well balanced diet is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The majority of your calorific intake daily should be consumed in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and lean proteins. Do not, however, be afraid of fats or carbohydrates, as these are also essential to your body, but everything in balance and moderation. Empty calories are foods or drinks that supply calories, but little else in terms ofnutritional benefits, and junk food, cheese, cakes, fizzy sodas, sugary or overly processed foods are often a source of empty calories so try to restrict these. Heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes are all influenced by diet so eat consciously and healthily and give your body the best chance at living a long and quality life. 



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