Looking Out for Elderly Relatives with a Hectic Schedule

As we grow older, the relationship between a child and their parent can reverse. While it would have once been a parent’s job to care for their child’s health and security, a child might eventually need to become responsible for taking care of their parent’s health, wellbeing, and safety.

If your parent is living with a health condition or is succumbing to the effects of aging, you will more than likely want to provide your Mom or Dad with as much love and support as possible. If so, read the following advice on looking out for elderly relatives with a hectic schedule.

Learn About a CDPAP Initiative

It can often be difficult for adult children to care for an ailing parent if they have a busy career. If you want to care for your parent, but need a steady income to run your household, you should learn more about the CDPAP initiative. Visit freedomcareny.com to find out more about how your loved one can choose their caregiver, such as a friend or family member, who will receive compensation for their healthcare support.

Monitor Their Bills for Scams

Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous people who will prey on a senior’s vulnerability. As a result, it is easy for an elderly person to become a victim of a financial scam, as a criminal might attempt to steal money from their home or savings from their bank. This, of course, is bound to be a big concern if you cannot be with them to monitor phone calls or answer the door on their behalf. 

For this reason, you must monitor your parent’s finances for scams, if you believe he or she could unwittingly hand over their money to a talented criminal. To do so, you should keep track of their bills, and you should periodically check their credit cards.

Label Their Medication

Poor medication management can pose a serious risk to your loved one’s health, as they might fail to take a prescribed pill or take too many pills per day. If you want to ensure your Mom or Dad can effectively manage their medicine whilst you are at work or away from their home, you should accurately label their medication. This could help to avoid confusion, as your parent can take the right pill at the right time.

Regularly Visit Your Aging Parent

While your aging parent might be healthy enough to live in their home without a caregiver, you should monitor their health and wellbeing. It is important to make regular visits to their home so you can review their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Pay close attention to any unusual behavior, and ask them different questions to gain a deeper insight into their health, as they might be hiding a problem to avoid becoming a burden on their children. Regular visits can also prevent an elderly parent from experiencing loneliness, so they will live a longer, healthier and much happier life. You could incorporate this trip into your schedule and depend on how far away your parents live; you could see them up to once a week. By organizing a timetable and thinking ahead, you can ensure time is taken out of your schedule to fit in seeing your loved one.


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