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About Splash Brands:

Since 2011, Splash Brands creates outstanding products. We never take shortcuts. We supply the ideas, oversee the product design, manage production, retail and wholesale. Since we are in charge, we don't need to make compromises. 

We are a small company, with a very international focus. Our products are sold worldwide and aside from our main office in Germany, we also have an office and a warehouse in Satellite Beach, USA.

Thanks, Splash Brands for sending me the Memovase to review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.  You can purchase your own memovase on Amazon for $19.90. 

My Review:

Let's be honest, we all know I love flowers!  I grow several different types around my house so the picture below is just a few flowers from my home.                                                                                                As you can also see in my pictures we used the opposite side of the vase with the marker.  It is completely erase-able there as well as the little oval on the other side like the picture above.  The best thing about this memovase is the built-in maker holder so you never have to go searching for a dry erase marker.  
So my husband and I just celebrated 12 years of marriage and so my hubby took the first turn at writing me a message.   At first, I thought he ruined it by not writing on only the oval but it erases with no problems!   

The vase is a pretty big size but even with just a few flowers from my garden, it looks adorable.  So no need to pick too many just play around and make a bouquet that's just right for you! 

Currently, I only see the white available and it would be very neat if they expanded with different colors and different dry erase maker colors as well.  I guess w can all go purchase other colored markers ourselves as long as they are dry erase.  As for my the white and black currently work great in my kitchen!  

I can't wait to get more creative with messages but we all know my hubby will win with his natural poetic ways and words!  He is a spoken word artist so it is challenging to compete with him when it comes to words!    

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