Planning a Perfect Family Day Out

Days are getting longer, and the weather is improving; flowers are blooming and birds are singing. Summer is nearly here, and that means it’s time to get out into the countryside and enjoy the wonder of God’s creation. We’re so fortunate in the United States to be surrounded by so much natural beauty, and the many different types of natural habitat.

Whether you love hiking in the forests, looking for sea creatures in rock pools and playing in the waves at the beach, or cruising around the lakes and waterways, there are some exceptional ways of enjoying the great outdoors this summer.

Planning your day out

With so many choices of where to go and what to do, one of your hardest decisions will be settling on a destination! A good way of choosing is to gather your family members around one evening to look at the options and see if there’s one that comes top of everyone’s list. If you can’t all agree, remember there should be more than one chance to have a day out over the summer, so if there’s no consensus you can plan a series of trips to cover everyone’s preferences. If you’re thinking of going anywhere that requires buying tickets, get these sorted in advance if you can – it is often cheaper to book online than pay on the day, and can save you queuing time too.

When you’re heading out for the day rather than a vacation, you’ll probably not be driving too far, but it’s always a good idea to check the car over and make sure the tires are ok, and water and oil are topped up.

What to take on your day out

If you’re going to be taking a hike or doing anything sporty, make sure you have all the equipment you need for your chosen activity. It’s important to make sure all the kids’ helmets and other safety gear, walking boots and so on still fit if they haven’t been worn for a while. You should also check that your cycles are in good condition and that the children haven’t outgrown those either.

Picnics are the ideal catering solution for days out in the countryside, saving you the hassle and expense of trying to find somewhere to eat. If you’re headed for the wilderness, there won’t be anywhere to buy lunch anyway! If you search online you’ll find a wealth of recipes and ideas for food to take on your picnic, so be creative and pack a sumptuous feast for your trip. Don’t forget you’ll need a cooler for all your perishables, and if it’s really hot you’ll be glad of a cold drink as well. Make sure you have a good quality cooler that has a sufficient capacity for everything that needs to go in it. If you need to get a new one, there are tons of cooler reviews online to help you choose the best one.

An early start is essential if you’re to make the most of the day. Get all your bits and bobs like first aid kit, snacks, and drinks, and maps sorted and packed into the car the day before, so you don’t waste time in the morning. The more time you get in the great outdoors, the more wonderful your day will be!