Snoga athletic wear Review

The SNOGA Story

It was 2007 when designer Candice Safdieh came up with the idea of leggings with an attached skirt. In the gym and on the street, Candice frequently saw women wearing legging and skirt combos that were mismatched and just plain sloppy looking. She immediately recognized a need for fashionable, well-made activewear that also met the needs of women who preferred to be modestly dressed.
Without delay, Candice drew up a design, sourced quality fabric and had a local factory produce the first 200 pieces. Just like that, Joyful Activewear was born. The first pieces quickly sold out, but rather than continue production, Candice chose to focus on motherhood for the next several years.
Snoga Athletics was launched in 2015, when Candice realized there still were very few quality activewear options to address the needs of woman from all backgrounds. Design and manufacturing promptly resumed and, from the beginning, Snoga’s introduction of attractive, modest activewear has attracted a huge following of like-minded women.
According to Candice, the most fascinating aspect of building a brand like Snoga is her daily interactions with women of varied cultures and backgrounds. She is moved every day by the stories and photographs they share. It’s more than just a business to Candice – she feels it’s a higher calling to build Snoga Athletics into a global leader that supports and unites woman.
Although Snoga women are from different races, cultures, religions, and they vary in size, age, and other demographics, they are all part of a greater identity…Womanhood. Candice feels that’s an inspiring group to be a part of!

My Review
Do you ever get in a workout rut and just need a little motivation to get your booty moving?   Well, I do!  In fact, this Snoga skirt/pants came in the mail and the next day I slayed it at the gym!   :)   YAY!  I am still sore from it!  

Snoga offers a wide variety of athletic attire for women and kids.  Snoga has a goal that modesty meets fashion and functionality!  The items all help with modesty!   Modesty is something that all women can strive to maintain in a sex-driven world.   I will admit I wear my yoga pants often to the gym and around the house.  After putting this on I felt so comfortable and cute but in a way that would not draw attention to myself!   I like on the Snoga website that they are trying to unite women with different backgrounds and different religious beliefs.   There are so many different beliefs and thoughts out there but one thing remains-  God has created each of us because he loves us.  He has a plan for each of us and we should make sure that our bodies are honoring in everything we do.  So check them out and get your athletic attire and keep seeking God!   He is love and life is better with him! 

So I picked out the Color Block Mini Snoga.  I am a very short person so any of the longer skirt combos I fear would make me feel uncomfortable or I would look like I was swimming.  This one, however, fits me perfect and the material is breathable and comfortable.   There is some stretch in it as well.   Majority of the colors are black and grey so my request for Snoga as to add more colors as they grow!   Help them grow and go check out the tops as well as the bottoms.    

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