The best budget holidays for your family

Do you dread the school holidays because you know, yet again, you can’t afford to take the family away on holiday? With a little planning and creativity, your family can still enjoy a vacation without you having to get into debt to do so. Everybody needs a change of scenery every now and again, and a vacation with your children is just what you need to reconnect when life has become too busy.

Visit relatives

One of the cheapest ways to enjoy a vacation is to stay with relatives. A visit to grandparents is always memorable for children, even if they don’t live that far away. You may even have relatives living by the coast, or in an exciting city which would provide ample entertainment for you and your family. Approach your relatives and suggest you visit them, offering to return the favor if they ever want to come to your home for a break. 


After the initial outlay for camping equipment, regular camping holidays can prove cost-effective. Modern campsites remain cheap but often have fantastic facilities including bathrooms with showers. Both children and adults will enjoy the adventures associated with camping, and if you love nature, this is certainly the holiday for you. Visit Simplefamilyprepardenss.Com for a full Camping Supply List and get ready to experience an enjoyable vacation on a budget.

Home hopping

Online companies like Airbnb offer ways in which you can save money and make money by renting a room or rooms in somebody else’s home, and by offering your home for holiday lets too. You can visit almost anywhere in the world and stay for a fraction of the cost of a hotel room. If you are comfortable sharing your communal space with strangers, you could benefit from receiving first-hand knowledge of the area, including restaurants, play areas, and free entertainment. Some hosts allow pets too, so no need to pay for a dog sitter, or kennels, as you can choose to stay in a home where the pooch can go too!

Fly right

You can still jet off somewhere amazing, even when you are looking for a budget vacation. There are several tricks to ensuring you get the best possible price for a flight, and once you are aware of them, you will always book flights this way. Book flights as far in advance as possible. The closer to the date of departure, the more expensive the tickets will be. As many people like to fly off somewhere for the weekend, avoid booking a flight to or from your destination on a Friday, as these will undoubtedly be more expensive. Mondays also tend to be quite busy so aim for midweek flights for the best deals.

Check school holiday dates

Holiday companies and airlines tend to cash in on the school holidays, so if you have children below school age, aim to travel outside of the school holidays. Be sure to check the school holiday dates of the country you’re are visiting too, as you may find your return flight expensive if you travel during that country’s school holiday dates.