Cereal Bar Night

Let's be honest and raise our hands and all admit we are too tired every now and again to make dinner and cereal is a go-to on those nights!  

We were out an about and hungry and contemplated going out to eat or what to make at home.   We got this great idea to have a cereal bar night!   We each picked out a cereal and we even got several different milk choices.  

So we got skim, 1%, 2%, strawberry, and Chocolate milk.   Cereal choices were Honey Nut Chex, Dippin Dots, Chocolate Marshmallow Matey's, and Captain Crunch Peanut Butter.  

Selah's creation was a bowl of Dippin Dots (Banana Split) first with chocolate milk and then will strawberry milk.  
This seems to sweet to even type out but she liked it.  

Titus asked for a bowl of chocolate Marshmallow Mateys with chocolate milk.  This combo seemed like a natural one and Titus now wants me to keep buying chocolate milk.  Had to explain to him how much sugar was in it and how it is a treat! 

I was a bit more plain and had Honey Nut Chex with 2% Milk. That was tasty to me and not too sweet!   

This was actually not expensive and the possibilities seem endless.  We didn't even get Almond milk or other dairy free options!   I think our grocery store carries like 100 different cereals so we could do a different cereal bar once a month!