Chewy Review #2 on RawNibs

RawNibs Update:

Kiah has been enjoying some RawNibs for a little while now.  She has been having it one time a day as a food topper.   She has the chicken and liver recipe and seems to be happy with that.   Currently, she has been getting it in the morning with her dog food.  She is showing me that she would rather just have this food and not her other food.  Every day she eats the RawNibs first and leaves her other dog food for a few hours before going back to it.   So that is my sign for sure, that she is a fan of RawNibs!  

The other day while on facebook I saw a friend praising because of their customer service!   I am going to brag as well!   I love working with Chewy on some of my reviews!   They also love to send surprises!  Here was my last surprise!   Thanks, for being so awesome!   Your company sure is making pets and humans excited!  


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