How To Feel More Confident

It seems as though there are confident people and less confident people. Those who have the confidence are the ones who go through life getting whatever they want because they have the ability to ask for it, or the belief in themselves to go and get it. However, for those with less confidence, or none at all, it can be more difficult. The key thing to remember is that everyone can be confident if you know how to start – confidence is something that grows over time. Here are some tips to begin your new, more confident life. 

Stand Tall 

Stand on a street corner or sit in a coffee shop window and watch the people going by. You’ll be able to spot those who look confident because they will be walking and standing tall with their shoulders straight and their heads up, looking as though they can conquer the world. The way you stand and hold yourself has an impact on how people deceive you, so by standing tall and appearing confidence in your body language is half the battle. 

Simply by standing up taller and looking people in the eye when you talk, you’ll begin to exude an air of confidence. Keep doing this, and it will become a habit, and you’ll actually be more confident too. 

Get Healthy 

Feeling less than satisfied with our bodies can make us less confident to go out and do the things we want to do. If that is the case, then regular exercise can be a good way to help boost your confidence. You’ll feel better, and you’ll behave in a more positive way, causing others around you to perceive you as being a confident person. It is often other people’s reactions to you that make you confident or not. 

It’s not just exercise that will help you to get healthy; eating a well-balanced diet, cutting down on alcohol, and not smoking will all help. These can be difficult, but there are always things you can do to help yourself. You could ask your family to help choose healthy meals, or only drink at the weekend. When it comes to smoking, you might switch to vaping instead, and this can help immensely so if you need to, check it out!

Do Something You’re Good At 

Being in a position where you might fail is something that can really knock your confidence – it could be speaking in public, giving a presentation, taking a driving test, or anything else. Failing at anything makes us feel bad and lowers our confidence, so doing something that you are good at and proving to yourself that you have skills and that you are talented is a great way to build that confidence up again, or boost it in advance of trying something new. 

No one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something, and knowing what your strengths are means you can then go on to try anything that is asked of you, safe in the knowledge that you can succeed in at least one sector (and for some, succeed in more than one).


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