Kwilt Review- photo storage.

I'll be the first to admit that every single time I open my camera on my phone it alerts me that I have no more cloud storage.  So when I had the opportunity to review this item I was super pumped!  

Never heard of Kwilt?  Check this short video out:

I will also have to admit that when it comes to techy related things I usually just ask my husband to set it all up.   I get anxious and hate reading directions.   I know... as a teacher I should not be admitting it.   Honestly though... I think I suffer from Technology anxiety, is there such a thing?

HUGE air high 5's all around for this girl!  I didn't even ask my husband for any help using the Kwilt!!!   Seriously it is that easy!   

I easily found and downloaded the app and set up my shoebox.   It was painless and in easy steps to understand.  No need to fret or worry for any of you people like me who don't feel techy in an advanced techy world.  

These two pictures are screenshots I took of my progress!  It truly was simple!  I am happy to report that I can easily take the pictures of my phone without annoying messages trying to get me to buy more cloud storage.   

Here is the device all set up waiting for me to use the app and transfer the photos.  

Packaging is very easy and the directions are simple too!   They even sent a big "K" sticker that you could put on your laptop or tablet. 

Still confused on how it works??  Look at these simple directions: 

Here is how Kwilt Shoebox works:

Kwilt Shoebox is your very own, very private cloud sitting at home that gives you total control of your digital memories with no monthly fees. It works with your iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices. It’s that simple!

Install Kwilt Shoebox at home and connect the supplied USB memory stick or any external drive to it.

With the Kwilt App, backup your mobile photos & videos to make room on your phone.

Access all your memories in real time from anywhere in the world.

So where do you get a KWILT?  
Amazon does sell them or buy directly from their website: