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Party in my Pants Review (women reusable cloth pads)


Has a tampon ever made you look forward to your period? Does your maxi pad make you smile? Nope. Most menstrual products only make the whole affair more uncomfortable. What's up with that? You deserve better.
Party In My Pants will change the way you think and feel about your period. Forget trashy disposables and say hello to soft, gorgeous cloth pads. For the first time you'll actually look forward to that time of the month and when it comes you'll be more comfortable than ever before. This isn't marketing mumbo-jumbo. It's what customers tell us over and over — even those who'd sworn off pads till the end of time.
The secret? A period product designed by real people for real people. A menstrual helper that doesn't leak, bunch, or feel bulky. And did we mention Party In My Pants pads come in the loveliest, wackiest, cutest patterns ever? With Party In My Pants, you'll be sittin' pretty in style and comfort.

My Review
Here is your warning.... I am talking about periods and being real and honest so read on with caution!    

I am a 34-year-old woman and I would say I have heavy flow periods usually every month.   Often times I will have to wear a super plus tampon with a pad and still sometimes I leak through the tampon.   It is very frustrating and annoying.  I recently just started researching my options because I am thinking maybe the chemicals in disposable pads and tampons are the reason behind my heavy flow issues.   (Also, I am not taking any hormonal birth control and I am not planning on it, even though my doctor seems to think I could decrease the flow with it.   It just doesn't seem natural and I hate the way I feel on hormones and do not want anything inserted in me either)  

Recently, I had a friend, Sam- from Ulmies Nest, show me the PIMP or Party in My Pants products.   Ulmies Nest does sell PIMP as well and is located in Le Claire Iowa if you are near you should come and check it out.   So in her shop, I was able to open the pad and feel the cotton and the flannel pads from PIMP.   I immediately purchased a couple.   Then I figured I should do a review and contacted PIMP directly and they sent me a few more to help in my review.   

Thanks to Party in my Pants for sending me free samples to conduct my review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

So I was a couple days late waiting for my period to start and I had that feeling that the day was finally arriving so I immediately got dressed and put on the cotton liner.  I liked the size of the liner and it was soft... not annoying and paper-like compared to some disposable liners I have purchased. Fast forward a few hours and my cycle started!  My first day is always very light so this liner was perfect for the entire rest of the day.  

Once evening came I grabbed an evening pad and went to bed knowing that my period would be getting heavy and hoping these new pads would not leave me disappointed in the morning.  I was nervous... only because I know how heavy my period can get.  I can happily report that there was no leaking through overnight!   

After my shower, I used another pad and this time I think it was the jetty pad.  I was going to be going to church and knew the flow would be heavy for this day.  After church, and throughout the day I did change my pad a couple more times.   I was also about to start my vacation so pretty much anytime we stopped for a bathroom break I changed it.  I have to admit I was nervous to trust just the pad, but over time I think I will trust it better.   Once we arrived at our destination I only had a light flow pad left so I saved it for the last day of my cycle and sadly I had to use my disposable pads and tampons.   I had 5 pads to use and sample and I can safely say I am going to buy more!  I like how you can easily fold the pads up and snap them and keep them in a little dry bag and wash later.   I didn't even notice a smell when I came home and started the laundry.   That made me happy and relieved since that was one of my fears.   

I think we all are probably wondering how cleaning would go!   Mine cleaned great on the gentle cycle in the washer.   The colors are still great and they are still nice and soft.   I have a good start to my collection and I know after a few months I will have enough for my whole cycle.  I did wash them by themselves but this fact I found on their website:
Can I wash my PIMPs with other laundry?
Sure can. As long as your pad is mostly dry it won't affect or stain any of your other laundries. It might feel odd at first, but soon it'll be as routine as washing your socks or underwear. If washing your PIMPs with your other laundry makes you too uncomfortable, you can always wash them separately or place them in a mesh lingerie bag.

 I might be daring and just do that soon enough!   

I have had several people tell me using these have helped them decrease the huge flow and shorten the days as well!  I am going to keep on using mine and see if I noticed a flow change!   I have also had some people tell me I was crazy cause they didn't want to feel like they were wearing a diaper... I just want to clarify that I never ever felt that way!   I am a bigger believer in these now more then ever.  Don't be hating on them unless you try them! 

Party in my Pants has 13 different sizes and limitless cute prints and colors!   Its so much more fun having a period with all the fun prints to choose from.   

Use this link and get a free pad and only pay shipping:

If you're cloth curious, here's your chance to get cloth conscious. New customers who've never tried Party In My Pants cloth pads can score one free Mini LinerDemi LinerLuxe Liner OR Thong Liner for the cost of shipping – $4.99* with our discount code WELCOME10. Try Party In My Pants and discover the comfort of cloth pads!


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