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Paul the Apostle of Christ- Movie Review and GIVEAWAY! #PaulMovie

About the Movie:
Paul (Faulkner), who goes from the most infamous persecutor of Christians to Christ’s most influential apostle, is spending his last days in a dark and bleak prison cell awaiting execution by Emperor Nero. Luke(Caviezel), his friend and physician, risks his life when he ventures into Rome to visit him. Paul is under the watchful eye of Mauritius (Martinez), the prison's prefect, who seeks to understand how this broken old man can pose such a threat. But before Paul's death sentence can be enacted, Luke resolves to write another book, one that details the beginnings of "The Way" and the birth of what will come to be known as the church. Their faith challenged an empire. But their words changed the world.
PRODUCED BY:T.J. Berden and David Zelon
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:Eric Groth, Rick Jackson, Harrison Powell and Jim Caviezel
STARRING:Jim Caviezel, James Faulkner, Olivier Martinez, Joanne Whalley and John Lynch

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My Review
Last night my hubby and I cuddle up to watch this movie.   We were very excited to watch it as we had heard many people loved it in the theater.  

You know we are Christians and we pastor a church so it just makes sense that we should see this film.  

There are several things I wanted to mention on this review from positives to even a couple negatives... because I am just being honest.  

First- I am a true midwesterner and I struggle with accents and there were a few characters who had very heavy accents.   It made me really have to focus, or my attention would be lost and I didn't want that to happen. 

Let's start at the beginning- this is where I felt I was a little let down in the storyline of this movie.  
 The writers must have realized they could not focus on all of Paul's life.   So the majority of the film is him in prison leading up to his beheading.  I guess for me I was kinda hoping to watch the transformation from Saul to Paul. They did, however, showcase his prior life with him having flashbacks to the Christians he did kill.  So based on the chronological order of what we read in the Bible this film is different in its presentation.  I feel the writers did an excellent job of making us, the audience, shocked at the reality of what life was like for a Christian in AD67.  Persecution is a real thing and sometimes the American Christian needs a wake-up call in this reality of what some people endure!  

Bible accuracy in the film was stretched a bit as well, to create a storyline of Paul in prison.  There were many key scriptures that were used and overall I was not angry in which they way they presented it.   In fact, one of the things they did spot on was creating a great picture of what a Christian is all about- LOVE!  They really made Christians very peaceful and pacifistic people.  Between Luke and Paul as well as Priscilla and Aquilla the writers really did a great job of developing a true nature of Christ character in them with love and not fighting back.  There were other followers who wanted to revolt and fight and take blood for blood but the leaders wanted Christ to be showcased.  It truly is what true Christianity should be no matter what... even when it is hard.  Paul even said, "Evil can only be overcome by love."   What if we all took that line and lived it?  Paul, also says, "They will know us by our love!"   It really makes you think about how other people view Christians today... do we love well?  

Overall, the film moved quicky and was well written.  I enjoyed cuddling up and watching this movie with my man and I encourage you all to watch it and then read your Bibles and see what lesson God wants you to learn from it.   I feel there is so much you can learn from what I have already mentioned or even focussing on other areas such as discipleship roles between Luke and Paul and making sure we have someone like that in our life today.  Or even looking at the loyalty of the Roman guards!   Lots more to discuss so feel free to ask me questions on the movie after you watch it. 

Hope one of my readers wins a free copy!  



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