Auster- Tutor

Get EXCITED!   Auster is about to launch there all new website!

Auster is a high-quality modular suspension training system.  This is easy to use at home and get a solid workout anywhere anytime!  Reach your peak- their motto on my unit! 
 I was super excited when my packaged arrived in the mail.   Since I was doing a review I didn't know what to expect.   I opened the package and everything was beautifully organized.  Then when I took the pieces out I found a mesh bag to keep all the pieces together since I knew putting them back in the box wasn't going to happen.  

I am a little embarrassed posting my pictures here... I had no make-up on and just workout clothes.   I look at these pictures and think what in the world... how did I gain weight during the summer?   That belly has got to go.... as a teacher I walk constantly in the schools so summer comes and my step count is so low.  Ok... I will stop complaining.   I should just say, thanks- to my 7 year old for taking my pictures.  

After I got the equipment unpacked I was able to look at the directions and without my husbands help I was able to set it up and use it... until the rain came and then I quickly cleaned up and went inside.  

I have an industrial playground right next to me that I can use at any time so that is the anchor I used to set up and use my system.  

The booklet has more than directions it has pictures and descriptions of different movements and lifts to do.   The pictures are great and easy to follow.  This particular day I used the power straps and did push, pull, and squats.  I should focus more on my abs too but that will come soon.   

They dynamic bands are also very simple to recreate with the images and descriptions in the book.  If you are looking for a go-to item to use around the house or outside then look no further!   This is a must buy!   I live about 20 minutes from my gym so this is going to come in handy for early morning workouts or on bad weather days.   My husband is also using it too.  It is a full body workout for anyone!