British Soccer camps

British Soccer Camp WEEK!!!

Titus got to work on his soccer skills last week!   He is showing us so much talent!   He worked on passing a lot but he loves to dribble the ball himself.  

Titus got to meet four coaches that week.   2 were from England, 1 from London, and 1 from Brazil!   

The first day he was very timid and didn't want me to leave. I think it may have been due to heavy accents and Titus was confused at what the directions were.   By the end of the week, he was understanding much better.   It is amazing how challenging it can be when we live in a diverse world.  

Titus continued to have fun throughout the week.   I did notice a couple things they could improve on.  First, the ages groups could probably be divided a little bit more.  I think they could have used a few more helpers as well because it was hard to have a coach available for each game when there were more games then coaches available.  Those two things are hard to do.   I really enjoyed seeing the college-aged boys playing and getting silly with the students.  

If you are looking for a fun camp for your son or daughter to do then get signed up for the British Soccer Camps!   They have so many all over the country!  They have great options to add to the camp, Titus got a soccer shirt and shorts, and a ball, and an additional shirt the week of camp!   He loved it!