How to Bond with Your Bump

Most parents will long for the day when their little bundle of joy arrives in the world. Despite your baby still growing inside of you, you might be eager to get to know your new son or daughter before you see him or her for the first time.

If you want to feel closer to your child throughout your pregnancy, here are some helpful tips on how to successfully bond with your bump.

Start Talking to Your Baby

It is believed your baby will be able to clearly hear your sounds, such as your heartbeat, from around 18 weeks. What’s more, he or she might also start recognizing voices from inside the womb. Research has also found that babies can also recognize their mother’s voice.

So, if you want to feel much closer to your baby boy or girl, start talking to your child. For example, you can talk to them about how excited you are for their arrival, or you could read your favorite book aloud to your growing baby.

Listen to Their Movements in the Womb with a Baby Heartbeat Monitor

Nothing will make your heart skip a beat more than listening to your child’s heartbeat, which is detectable from 8 to 16 weeks. A non-invasive baby heartbeat monitor is safe to use and will help you to bond with your baby throughout pregnancy, as you can listen to the sound of their growing heart, movements, and kicks in the womb.

It also comes with two sets of earbuds for mom and dad, and you can record the sounds on your computer as a keepsake. It can therefore make a great gift for your child in the future, which you could present to them on their 18th birthday.

Get Physical with Your Bump

It can feel almost natural to rest or stroke your bump as it grows. You might think your baby can’t feel your protective hand, but he or she actually can. Research has found that your baby can start to feel your touch from 20 weeks, and they can even distinguish their parents’ touch from a stranger. So, massage your bump to make your little one feel loved and protected.

Book an Innovative 4D Scan

A normal 2D scan will often provide you with a first glimpse of your new daughter or son. Unfortunately, the footage can be a little grainy, flat, and gray. However, thanks to advancements in technology, you can now see your baby in greater detail with a 4D scan, which you can commonly book between 26 to 32 weeks pregnant. While it can be a little more expensive, you cannot put a price on seeing your baby’s movements and facial expressions in the womb before he or she arrives.

Encourage Your Kids to Bond with Your Baby

In addition to bonding with your baby, encourage your partner and children to do the same, which can make them even more excited for your little one’s arrival. Ask your kids to talk to your bump, so they will start to feel happy and comfortable at the prospect of a new little brother or sister.