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Ways To Encourage Children To Be Healthy

Every parent is excited when they’re about to have a child. Then the little ones arrive, and we can’t wait to see them all grown up and out of the house, only for us to shed tears when it’s time for college. Throughout the lives of our children, we teach them to do things independently. It may be from the simplest things such as tying their shoes or more complex duties like teaching them how to use the coffee machine for the first time. We do all this because we want them to mature into happy, independent individuals; the truth is, we won't be able to guide them always.

Instilling habits in children transcends beyond teaching them to use cutlery; it also involves teaching them the right practices that can aid with a healthier or more productive life. Healthy eating habits are best learned as a child; thus, this article seeks to take you through some tips to help you start your children on the excellent meal train.

Start A The Right Time

The first essential tip instilling healthy habits for adulthood in your children is to start when they're young. The most exciting thing about toddlers is that they have no idea what a candy bar is. This offers parents a clean slate on which you can try varying healthy options in exciting recipes fit for a baby's taste buds. With this premise, their healthy diet will result in better school performance; they will grow into first graders with their first snack option being an apple instead of apple flavored candy.

Teach Them About Food

Let your kids in on where the food they ingest comes from by planning an occasional trip to the local farmer's market. The farmers market beats your regular supermarket because here, you can teach your children about growing food and reaping the rewards. Engage your kids by allowing them to water the cabbages or pick oranges from the tree and watch them grow to love the right organic foods. You can even bring home some seedlings and start your own farming experience at home!

Consult A Pediatrician

There are many ways that your child can start to have an unhealthy diet, which includes giving them too much to eat or giving portions of highly processed foods. Before diagnosing your child as underweight or overweight, you must consult your child's doctor. Find out the best ways to make changes in the types of foods you expose your child to. It’s also a good idea to have insurance such as medicare advantage; this way you can ensure that your child has the required monitoring and care needed at all times. By monitoring what your child eats and being aware of changes in their general wellbeing you should be able to tell if you need to step in and change your approach to what they are eating, and when.

No Restrictions Or Labelling Of Foods

It’s better to encourage them to choose healthy options instead of banning the consumption of excessively processed junk meals. Placing restrictions on food for your children can hurt their growth. In extreme cases, you unknowingly encourage them to perhaps see food in an incorrect light over time.

The best thing to do instead is to have a discussion with them about all kinds of foods in addition to their nutritional significance. Another tip is to attribute healthy foods to things they show concern for, examples being their ability to play a sport or even their academics. You could teach them about the importance of protein in a diet, and how fruits and vegetables are better for you. Try and encourage your child to have a healthy breakfast, as this can really help set them up for the day.

Freedom To Choose

Offering children freedom during meal times is not equivalent to asking them what they want. This may lead to you making five different meals to satisfy everyone’s cravings. The best thing is to create meals that have a standard base yet allow for optional add-ons. All children love the feeling of responsibility that comes with getting to pick what they eat during meal times. With meals such as salads and tacos, this freedom exists in a controlled setting.

Always Have Healthy Food Available

Place organic foods such as fruits in visible parts of your home, not hidden away in the fridge. Children consume anything that's made readily accessible to them; use this to your advantage at all times.

When it’s dinner time, serve your kids their portions instead of providing them with a buffet style dinner. This helps your children learn portion control at an early stage. A trick to help your family adjust to the shock of healthier portions is to use smaller plates.

Involve Them In Food Planning

Plan grocery lists and trips with your children. Invite them into the kitchen to help with lunch or dinner as well; get them involved in all eating choices and processes. You can create games with your grocery lists and even unearth their chef spirit by assigning them to fruit parfait dessert recipes.

During dinner, turn eating into a fun game where they learn how to eat food more slowly, with time between bites. Slowing down their usual pace to about thirty seconds between spoonful’s helps their brain receive signs of fullness at the most appropriate time, prevent them from overeating.


Healthy eating leads to the fit, all-around growth of children. This is often hard for children to understand, as they relish the sweetness of foods that offer no essential benefit to their bodies. As parents, it’s our responsibility to provide them with guidance. This will not happen overnight; all changes must be gradual and will involve battling with your children more than once. With these tips, however, you can get your child asking for seconds of that salad without a wrinkle on their face. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, and soon your child will be able to enjoy eating healthily.


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