Family Devotions- Review and GIVEAWAY

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David C. Cook, the author, has written several other devotional books that are available to help you or your family draw closer to God.  This set is my first one of David C. Cook that we are enjoying.  

The Trio includes:  Knowing God the Father, Knowing Jesus, and Knowing the Holy Spirit. 

It seems natural that any Christian mom or dad would want their children to know God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!    

These devotions feature simplified doctrine with easy-to-understand language so children will be engaged and able to follow along. The theological depth of these devotions will strengthen parents’ faith as well, providing a growing experience for children and parents together. Each devotion features a section specifically for growing children’s faith, including a topic or question to start a conversation about spiritual matters, and a simple closing prayer. With illustrations highlighting key concepts, parents and children together will treasure time spent with these devotions as they grow closer to God and one another.

These three books are a super short daily devotion that helps you as the parent reflect daily but then has a paragraph to share with your kids.   Once you share with your kids it creates natural responses and discussions in the family.   It takes it a step from just reading things to making them stick and see fruit in your children's lives.  
There is not much for fancy pictures but a few black and white ones included in each book.   

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