Book Review- "Seek and Explore Devotions for kids"

About the Book:The Seek and Explore Book of Devotions is a full-color, interactive journey through every book of the Bible—365 days (plus one for leap day!) of reading and hands-on activities, like journaling, crosswords, word searches, puzzles, and more. During each week, your child will learn about one or two books of the Bible in short, easy-to-handle activities. Whether reading, writing, drawing, crafting, moving, or going out into the world, kids will learn about the Bible, God, and themselves. By the end of this interactive journey, your child will have a better understanding of the Bible as the story of God’s people and his love for them. Perfect for a child to use on his own, as a family, in a classroom, or even in a Sunday school setting, this devotional is unique and engaging for ages 6–10.

                                          My Review:
This devotional book is a perfect pair for your child, especially in the summer months when school is not in session.   My kids like all the activities hidden in the pages of this devotional.  It inspires them to do more than one devo each day to do another activity.  

One thing I like about this devotional book is they do walk through the entire Bible.  You can see the story and devo goes along with what chapter is on the top right corner.  It also goes in order so that is nice too!  

Go get your copy today and have some fun with your kids!