Book Review and Giveaway: Covenant Kids: Book 1: The Law

Naomi lives in a place where it has recently become illegal to study or even talk about the faith outside of church on Sunday. But one law can't stop Naomi. She forms a study group with three other teenagers to learn more about the Bible. As they learn the stories of the Old Testament, they realize God's plan to bring everyone into a loving relationship with him through his Covenant. But not everyone likes this "Good News", and Naomi, Pavel, José, and Rose soon find themselves in the middle of a dangerous plot to enforce the new law against religion at any cost.
Perfect for young readers ages seven to thirteen, Covenant Kids--Book One: The Law is both an adventure-filled graphic novel and a thoughtful guide through the Bible's main stories. The first in a series of twelve, this book covers the biblical stories from Creation through Abraham. Author Andrew Youngblood has a degree in theology and experience both teaching Scripture and running schools. Designed to show how exciting and beautiful the Old Testament is, Covenant Kids reveals what the Bible is really about--God's great love for each of us.

My Review: 
This is a great book that shares biblical stories through another story and as a comic book look and feel.   I like that the story starts out telling us that it is dangerous to do church which is why they created the Covenant Keepers.  Throughout the story you enjoy Biblical stories as well as the other characters.   Then the ending leaves you with a "To be Continued..."   AHHHH, we want to know what happens!   My kids really enjoyed the story too, in fact my kids were eager to read it together.  

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