The Most Important People You’ll Need When Moving

Deciding to move you and your family to a new home is both an exciting and potentially frightening part of life. You have so much to keep in mind during the process – selling your current house, hauling your belongings to the new place, maybe even finding new jobs for yourself and new schools for your children.

This type of big life change would be nearly impossible to do alone. Here is a list of the people you will need in order to make moving a smooth and successful experience.

To sell your home with as little effort as possible, research local realtors to help you on the way. Realtors can advise you on how much you will be able to make from selling your property and will assist with the necessary documents. They can also show you prospective new homes and give you information about the areas you might want to move to. Without a realtor, you might find the process of moving to be much slower and more arduous.

Although it isn’t essential for you to seek their services, you will save yourself a lot of time and energy by letting a realtor help you out.

It might seem like an unnecessary expense if you have the time and resources to move your belongings yourself but hiring professional movers will make everything go much quicker and easier. Unless you are accustomed to moving home fairly frequently, it is easy to forget the difficulty of packing, shifting and driving all your life’s possessions to a new location without any help.

Spare yourself and your friends the effort and hire professionals to do the job for you. You will feel much less stressed about moving without the pressure of relocating all your belongings by yourself.

Whether you’re buying a new home, an old building or are constructing a house from scratch, having a reliable plumber in your contact list is vital. For people moving into a building that has existed for many years already, a plumber will be able to ensure that all of the pipes and water appliances are well connected and safe. If you plan on building your own house, a plumber can provide guidance on how to properly install your plumbing system.


Buying a new build home is one of the only instances when hiring an electrician might not be immediately necessary since the electrical should be new and of a good standard.

Moving into a slightly older home or constructing your own from the ground up, however, means that you will require the professional expertise of an electrician to make sure all your wiring is up to code. Go online and search “electrician near me" so you can have an expert eye on site to confirm the safety of your new home.


If you have children, moving home is even more difficult than as a single person or couple. Children of all ages require routine, so when the sudden changes that come with moving sweep into their lives, they can become anxious or start to misbehave. It can be boring for kids to be taken round house viewings and furniture stores, so having a babysitter to keep them entertained while you hunt down a new home will make everyone’s lives easier.

You will feel less stressed about keeping your children happy while visiting different houses and your kids will feel less anxious about the upcoming move.

Maybe you’re building your own house. Maybe you’ve moved into your new home and want to rearrange the floorplan or add an extension. Well, now is the time to hire a builder.

You can’t simply go knocking down unwanted walls without professional help – a builder can offer advice on which parts of your home can be changed and which should be left untouched for safety and structural reasons. If you want to add an extra bedroom or a sun room, having a builder with you during the planning process can make everything much simpler and less prone to error.

One of the more fun parts of moving is being able to decorate a new space. You can recreate your old style or discover an entirely different one. Take a look at interior design websites and magazines to inspire you. With professional decorators, the wallpaper, paint and flooring won’t be nearly as much of a chore.

Friends and Family

Moving can be a stressful time and having close friends and family there to reassure you and help out occasionally can make a big difference. Make sure to show your appreciation and invite them to your housewarming party once you’ve settled in.


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