Book Review: "Good Night My Darling Dear- Prayers and Blessings for You"

Popular artist Amy Kavelaris brings a whimsical bedtime blessing that celebrates the wonder of childhood, dreams of who your little one will someday become, and marvels at all that God has in store. Amy's prints are sold through a variety of top retailers, and she has been featured in major national women's and home décor magazines.
Hold your little one close as you celebrate your love for one another. This exquisitely illustrated book honors the wonder of childhood, dreams of who your little one will someday become, and marvels at all that God has in store. Amy Kavelaris's signature flower-crown art and poetic writing invite you and your child to enjoy peaceful moments before bed with delightful parent-and-child animal pairs.
Good Night, My Darling Dear makes an excellent baby shower gift or display book in a new nursery. Its keepsake quality also makes it a wonderful way to celebrate an adoption or birth announcement with a friend or grandparents.

This whimsical and heartwarming picture book calls you to enjoy the beauty of God's artistry across the skies and in the child resting in your arms.

My Review:
The first thing I have to say is how much I love the illustrations of this book.  I really am contemplating taking the art and framing would be adorable for a nursery!  LOOK AT THAT PICTURE!   AHHH it has all the feels in the adorable category! 

With that being said I don't want to not forget to discuss the actual story!  I think anyone who is expecting will get excited but also teary as they read this with excitement to know their baby.  

I also felt like this would be a good story to even gift your older children so they can reminisce the past years!  I love that this story still points to a creative God who makes everyone unique!  

Your going to want to look at this and read this with anyone you love and soak up those cuddles!  That's what we did- read this book and soaked up cuddles!

I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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Julie Waldron said…
Thanks for sharing, this looks like a beautiful book!

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