Best Ways To Remember Someone By

 Remembering special people who are no longer a part of our lives – either through death, or moving away, or some other situation that prevents them from being near – can be a melancholy experience. At first, you’re met with happiness, as you remember the memories made, but then there is a bitter sadness as you are left with the notion that you won’t be able to make any more. Either way, remembering others is important as you pay tribute to how they shaped your life. With that being said you want to make sure your honoring the memory of others in the best way possible. Here are some great ways you can remember someone by. 

A Memorial Bench

Erecting a bench in a beautiful spot is a great way for not only you, but also the local community, to remember somebody special who has passed, and because of this it has become a very popular way to commemorate people. 

The bench can be placed in a location that was meaningful to the deceased, so that they’re symbolically among the scenery that they enjoyed in their lifetime. Sitting on these benches can also create a truly intimate experience, as they can make you feel deeply connected to the person you have lost. There are many companies out there that can make bespoke benches, but a budget option is to source the bench yourself from a garden store and organize a plaque engraving yourself.

Have an Annual Day To Celebrate Them

A good way to celebrate someone’s life and to remember them fondly with joy and optimism is to allocate a specific day to celebrate their life and achievements. A funeral from can serve this purpose, but you can also hold events on the deceased person’s birthday. The goal with events like this is not to mourn the dead, but to rejoice in the life that they lived, and acknowledge and thank them on how they have touched and affected your own life. 

Turn Their Clothing into a Teddy Bear

Converting left-over clothes into a keepsake stuffed animal is a fantastic way to prolong a loved one’s memory. Perhaps they had a signature outfit or a favorite garment with an interesting pattern. If so, this can be transformed into a cute, and comforting teddy that anyone can snuggle up with and enjoy, and it makes a great gift.

Providing you have voice recordings of your loved one, there are also options to install a device that can play captured audio when you squeeze the teddy, too. This can be a great way to preserve the voice of a loved one, and to hear their voice when you’re feeling down. This idea is also suitable to remember people who may be moving far away, to ensure that you always have a piece of them close to home.

Build a Shrine 

Shrines are a typically Greek and Mediterranean way of memorializing someone after their death, but it is also a great idea for other ethnicities to follow. Services are usually held at a shrine on the 40th day after the funeral and then annually following that, meaning that their memory will be continuously honored and preserved. 

Shrines are usually beautiful arrangements of religious imagery, and flowers and can be built almost anywhere; a corner in your house, a patch in the garden or even in the countryside. 


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