5 Types of Mantle to Choose From

 When people think of a fireplace, they often envision cosy nights in the living room with family and friends gathered around. Given that the fireplace will have a focal point in your room, the mantle that surrounds it should fit in with the décor of the rest of your room. The mantle is the section that surrounds the fireplace on the sides and above it; so, what material might be best for your room? In this article, we’ll take a look at five common materials that mantles are made of.


If you’re aiming to cultivate a luxurious feel to your living room, marble might be the material you’re looking for. Like limestone, marble is extremely durable and comes with the benefit of being extremely heat and fire-resistant, which is important for a fireplace. An additional benefit is that marble comes in a wide variety of colours which commonly include white, cream, beige, and grey.


Wood is another common choice of material for a mantle. In addition to being a generally affordable option, it is also the perfect choice if you’re looking to create a rustic feel. An additional benefit of using woodwork is the fact that it is very design-friendly and lends itself to your creativity. You can also choose from among the very many types of wood to further customize your fireplace to suit your home. These include pine, oak, cherry, acai, and much more. If you’re considering getting a wood fireplace, it might be a good idea to consult with experts such as stonewoods.co.uk.

Cast Iron 

Cast iron is an iron alloy that is melted, poured into a mould, and allowed to cool off. This material is a popular choice for fireplaces for several reasons. One, it comes in a great variety of finishes, which will enable you to show your personality through your decor.  Secondly, cast iron fireplaces are highly durable, and tends to remain unaffected by the heat of the fire.


Slate is a common material for multiple purposes. Its durability sees it on rooftops, used as flooring, and as fireplaces. Being a sedimentary rock, it is quite versatile and can be cut into a wide variety of custom shapes. If you like to have a bit more control over the design process, slate might be ideal for you.  

Other Stones 

As slate has already been mentioned, there are other stones commonly used in the creation of surrounds for fireplaces, such as granite. Like wood, stone lends itself nicely to the rustic theme, especially since it has been a traditional component of fireplaces since medieval times. Another reason to choose a stone fireplace is the fact that stone – being what it is, is extremely resistant to fire and water, and is renowned for its durability 

Be sure to think carefully about which material is best for your home. Once you have settled on one, you may find it rather difficult to change your mind without having a fresh installation or extensive makeover done.