6 Ways to Transform a Dull Staircase

 The staircase of your home is one of the busiest areas in terms of footfall, but often it is neglected from an interior design point of view. While it is a primarily functional part of the home, there is no reason why it cannot be either tied in with the rest of the home’s aesthetic or even made into a focal feature. From carpeting and structural changes to adding color and artwork, the staircase is the perfect area to let your creativity run free. If you are concerned that your staircase is lacking in personality and style, here are six incredibly effective ways to transform a dull staircase. 

  1. Add a statement stair runner

If you have a bare wooden or stone staircase or wall to wall carpeting, adding a carpet runner will lift its aesthetic from average to striking instantly. A striking pattern or bold colors which run up the middle of the steps while leaving the edges exposed gives a timelessly stylish look. Stair runners also make a staircase more comfortable underfoot and less slippery. To add even more interest, consider adding stair rods to both hold the carpet in place and add a decorative finish. Head over to aflooringboutique.co.uk to take a look at their wide range of carpet runners and rods.

  1. Don’t forget the risers

The treads of the staircase are the horizontal steps which you place your feet on, while the risers are the vertical parts which are more visible. Many people will focus on the appearance of the treads, but it is the risers which have more visual impact. Consider adding interesting patterns and colors to a wooden staircase with tiling or wallpaper. Click here for ways to embellish stair risers. 

  1. Upgrade lighting

A dark and dreary stairwell is never an inviting sight, which is why it makes sense to invest lighting specifically for the stairs. In fact, why not go the extra mile and add a dramatic, almost sculptural light fitting which will both light the area and draw the eye upwards in an artistic way. 

  1. Use plants

For any space in the home that is lacking life, greenery is a great solution. Plants not only add a little color (green leaves and/or colorful blooms), they also absorb toxins from the air around them and release oxygen into the home. Having more oxygen in your home is good for the mind and body.

  1. Install new handrails

If your handrail is looking tired or outdated, it is time for an upgrade. You do not need to change the whole bannister, as this can be costly and time-consuming, but repainting, varnishing, or swapping out the panels or spindles can have a transformative effect. 

  1. Display artwork and/or photographs

Choosing and displaying artwork or photographs in your home is a simple but effective way to add a personal touch, and the stairwell is the perfect place to do this as it can be enjoyed from both the downstairs and upstairs levels. Many people place artwork in a staggered fashion, so it ascends with the rise of the stairs.