Fall Fashion Trends for 2020

 Since fashion trends for summer 2020 were put to a rude halt, we are all now ready to get shopping and launch ourselves into a fall closet. It is time to begrudgingly step out of our sweatpants, dust off our shoes, and put our best foot forward into the new season. If we’re going to still go to work and walk around with masks on, then you can bet the rest of our outfit is going to be on point.


So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at some fall fashion trends for 2020 to lift our spirits. 


Balloon Everything

Those puffed-out sleeves that we had started to see on a few shirts a couple of months ago have now made their way onto almost everything we can wear on our top halves. Puffed-out-sleeve t-shirts, shirts blouses, and dresses are all making their mark in this season's fashion trend, and it is one of the quickest and chicest ways to update a classic t-shirt-and-jeans look.


Cozy Cardigans

Once reserved for grandparents, library assistants, and primary school teachers, the cardigan is making a solid fashion statement this year. There is no need to be the owner of glasses chains or tinned fruit sweets to get your hands on some of the gorgeous knit styles that have been debuted this fall. They are coming on sale thick and fast with a variety of different patterns, including classic, bold, bright, and with varying lengths, too. The most stylish way to stay warm, froxx.co.uk has some gorgeous plus-size pieces to keep you both looking elegant and feeling comfortable. 


Blazing Blazers 

Blazers have been a fall classic for a long time, not only because of their versatility, but because they can be both warm enough when the weather cools down, but not too stifling when a day of unexpected warmth crops up. They always look smart and go with just about anything. Jeans, skirt, shirts—anything if you are edgy enough. Because of the sudden surge in blazers being the next must-have item, even streetwear brands have some excellent options and co-ordinating items for those serious days in the office.


The Leather Look

A far cry from staying as comfortable as possible over the summer, the fall/winter trend is asking you to ditch your stretchy breathable material in favor one that quite simply, is not. Leather-look anything is in right now, from leggings and trousers to coats and dresses. It always gives off an edgy vibe and often looks great, just make sure you don’t pick a day when there is a sunny spell to wear them!


Get Your Stomp On 

Boots are always a firm favorite when it comes to fall and winter, but because of the chunky trend this year, there are even more styles to choose from than maybe we have ever had before. Opt for short platform boots, over-the-knee flats, or even mid-biker boots covered in studs, straps, and motifs. Whatever you opt for, boots will carry you through the intermittent weather while also making you look extremely stylish.