ANM (Advancing Native Missions) Christmas Catalog #christmasgiving #advancingnativemissons #givingcatalog

                        Find 20 simple ways to transform lives inside this catalog … all in the name of Jesus. 

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A great new Christmas tradition can be found in giving rather than receiving!   Do you ever feel that you stress out trying to find the perfect gift for family members?   Then you give them a gift just to realize they will probably never even use it?   We have all we need in America and so much more!   Even in this crazy year of Covid most of us are still living in plenty!   How many times have you wanted something and hoped online and had it within the next couple days?   If we are truly honest with ourselves we know we could do more giving and in exchange the more giving will bring us more joy during this season!   

I was super excited to have the opportunity to partner with this company to promote the giving catalog.   You can find items to purchase for others at many different price points to fit any budget!   

I was able to donate the Newborn Care Package to help a mother in Israel!   Now that we have the catalog I will be having my kids look through it and look for ways they can be a blessing to someone!   We have done this in years past and it truly is a moment that brings smiles and joy to the room!   It is such a valuable lesson to teach our kids the value of giving!  

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