Fun Fitness Ideas for Kids

 It is no great secret that it can often be somewhat challenging to get your kids to exercise, especially when your outside activity time is limited. 

There are many fun ways to get kids excited about exercise however, so you may wish to consider some exciting activities in order to create a positive and happy atmosphere. 

Exercise does not have to be a word that produces groans and moans every time the idea is uttered, so here are some tips for those of you looking to help your kids stay fit and healthy while having fun. 

A Treasure Hunt

Especially exciting for the little ones, a treasure hunt can bring all sorts of benefits to the table, including physical exercise as well as a cognitive workout. 

You may wish to consider crafting a narrative for your kids to explore with clues and questions, resulting in a reward for making it to the end. 

A good treasure hunt can keep you occupied for hours on end, even if it happens to be exercise in disguise. 


Soccer can be fun and extremely good for your cardio and stamina. It also requires just a ball and a garden initially. 

You may even wish to consider the fantastic youth soccer services available at if you were looking for an exciting new avenue for your child to explore. 

Perhaps you will discover you have a child prodigy in the making!

Get Involved

It can be important to show your children that you exercise too, in order to present to them a role model. You can do this by taking part in the same activities as your kids and staying positive to promote the benefits of regular exercise. 

Start Dancing

Dancing is not only fun, but it can provide a great outlet for physical exercise. It does not have to take the form of a rigid dance workout either, you can make it fun by playing their favorite songs and turn it into a party! 

Furthermore, you can dance from the comfort of your own home, without the need to feel embarrassed or pressured to master your moves. Dancing can also be therapeutic, especially after a long and tense day, so shaking out those negative feelings can work wonders towards creating a bright and enjoyable home atmosphere. 

A Game of Tag

If you are feeling particularly energized, why not indulge in a game of tag with the whole family? This way you can get everyone involved with the excitement. It can also offer you that sublime feeling of nostalgia as you embody your old school yard days. 

Jump Rope

Loved by children and professional boxers the world over, jump rope is great for staying fit and healthy. 

Why not start a competition to see who can do the most jumps in one minute? 

Offer an Incentive

By turning your exercise activities into competitions, you can offer rewards as incentives to commit to the task. 

This can be something as small as choosing which show to watch afterwards, but it can make all the difference. 


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