5 Tips to Make an Outdoor Wedding More Special

 If you’re planning on having either your main wedding ceremony, your after-party, or perhaps the whole day outside, then you’ll want to make sure your outdoor area is dressed for purpose, that it’s cozy enough, and that it’s filled with those special moments to make your wedding day truly one to remember. When it comes to outdoor weddings, you may be worried about how to decorate your chosen outdoor space, or how to make sure everyone stays warm or comfortable. 

Here are five tips to ensure your outdoor wedding has some truly special features, and celebrates those finishing touches. 

  1. Think About Shade Options 

Even if the weather is beautiful and you’re not contending with a downpour, having a shaded and covered option is a great feature for anyone who wants to go under cover, get out of the sun, or even just have a more private place to stand and converse. Shaded options such as an awning or a gazebo can be great features for outdoor weddings that are taking place in a large, open space.

  1. Lighting is Everything 

Natural sunlight for your perfect day will be a huge help, along with beautiful sunsets and moonlight. However, you’ll still need adequate lighting to truly set the scene for your all-day event, so think about options such as romantic fairy lights, lanterns, candles on outside tables, and anything else you want to add to truly illuminate the space. 

If your outdoor wedding is seeing you celebrating in a woodland-type setting, fairy lights and lanterns used within the trees can make for a special atmosphere. 

  1. Set the Spot for the Bride and Groom 

It’s a good idea to have a designated archway in which to get married when you’re having an outdoor wedding, as it will be a focal point and one which you can decorate to match the scenery around you. When getting married outdoors, wild flowers, plants, greenery, and more will look beautiful around a dedicated altar. 

You can also enjoy extra features for special moments, such as releasing butterflies the moment you take your wedding vows. Buy butterflies to release from Cloverlawn Butterflies for weddings and other special occasions.

  1. Think About Soft Furnishings 

No matter what your wedding theme or set-up is for your outdoor ceremony, soft furnishings can make all the difference for guests, and for cozy photos. Throws, blankets, and pillows can make any outdoor setting a lot more comfortable, especially during evening celebrations when it gets a little colder. You may even want cozy coats or jackets on hand for guests to pull over their shoulders, too. 

  1. Use Signposts 

If you’re having a big outdoor wedding in large grounds, or one which has a lot of hidden paths, such as through woodland or in a decorated area, signposts are great additions to use as extra-special features and to help your guests out, too. You can create signposts in line with your wedding theme and have them decorate your space for the perfect finishing touch. 

Any outdoor wedding is going to be special, but these extra features can help to make it the perfect day.