Just Jesus: Isn't He Enough? By Anthony C.S Flanigan


About the Book:  Is Jesus enough. Just pure, unadulterated, Jesus in the raw. It seems like we cannot experience Jesus without our superstar pastors, worship teams, and huge expensive programs. Christianity has become so divided and polarized by political, socio-economic, and doctrinal lines. If Jesus is Love, If Jesus is good, If Jesus changes everything, why aren't we changed? Something is wrong. Something is very wrong with popular Christianity. Jesus has been colored in every cultural hue, musical genre, and traditional or modern expression. Yet, somehow the Church isn't experiencing the kind of breakthrough it was designed for. We are like little children, unable to answer hard and real questions. Just Jesus will change your life. It's time for us to ask ourselves some simple, yet gut wrenching questions about our love life with Jesus. Job 38:3 "Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me." If you can find your way through the challenges this book proposes; you'll find yourself unashamed, and completely satisfied by Jesus. Is Jesus enough? If He is, why doesn't everything look very different? This book will challenge you in ways you didn't know you would be challenged. This book will change your life if you let it. Jesus, Just Jesus is all you need.

This book will challenge you in new ways!   I am not completely through the book but I am ready to recommend it!  Yes my husband wrote it and yes he does mention me a lot in it but this book is truly a new mindset in my walk with the Lord! 

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